• ASL 4 Honors is mentioned in the above title ASL III and ASL III Honors.


    As of 2020, ASL IV Honors was approved through A-G articulation with UC/CSU college Board approval.  The class is new of what OPHS has to provide.  This is a continuation of signing ASL with more of ASL Literature and an addition of children book stories being read/signed in the community and translating songs.


    Syllabus is included in the ASL III/ASL III Honors.


    Also, a national level standardized test is coming up for ASL.  It is like the traditional AP that other languages have but another form of test is coming up, AAPPL which functions the same thing as AP.  ASL will be added to AAPPL as it is in the developments and will be launched in 2022.  

    ACTFL Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages® (AAPPL)

    Click the link above to read more about this form of testing for language learners.