College Courses While In High School

  • Community Colleges
    Students may take courses at accredited colleges or universities for high school credit under the following conditions: 
    1. An equivalent course is not offered at Oak Park High School
    2. The student needs to take the course for remediation, and it does not fit into their OPHS schedule.

    Students must obtain administrator and/or counselor approval prior to registering for any college courses.  For a college course to be used as remediation for a high school class, it must be equivalent to the OPHS curriculum and address the essential standards of the high school course.  An official college transcript, showing the completed coursework, must be provided to the OPHS registrar in order for the college course to apply to the OPHS transcript.  College courses will not receive extra grade points when placed on the high school transcript. It should be noted that many colleges and universities will not allow students to claim these classes later on for college credit if it has been placed on the high school transcript (See your counselor for further information.)

    For properly articulated courses college-to-high school credit will be granted as follows:

    • A 5-semester unit college course will be granted 10 high school credits
    • A 3 or 4-semester unit college course will be granted 5 high school credits
    • A 1.5 or 2-semester unit college course will be granted 2.5 high school credits
    • For college courses less than 1.5 units a combination of lesser credits may be used to accrue 1.5 credits
    Pierce College  LA Pierce College can be accessed 

    assist The ASSIST website maintains a database that allows parents and students to check the transferability of community college credits to all of the California State Universities (CSU) and the University of California (UC). This is the official articulation site for the California Community College, the CSU, and UC. Transfer agreements between these institutions are available on this website.  It can be accessed at:

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Last Modified on August 6, 2016