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    Dear Families:


    Happy New Year and Welcome to Spring 2021 Semester!


    I would like to take this opportunity to give out all information pertaining to this semester in this one-stop email.  Most of the classroom routines and assignments are similar to first semester; however, from time to time, I have gotten emails requesting clarification.  Below is all the guidance for the second semester.


    1. The first week Google Meet for ALL CLASSES is jlacophsweek1.

    2. On the first day of class, students will be given Google Classroom code to join.  All assignments, announcements, and meet codes will be posted in Google Classroom so it is essential for students to join immediately and utilize Google Classroom throughout the semester.

    3. There are three types of assignments for each lesson:  Edpuzzle video, Homework, and Edulastic.  Students have to start a lesson with an Edpuzzle video to learn new materials, then join Google Meet for debriefs and questions, finish and turn in Homework on time, and finally study for a daily quiz and test on Edulastic.

    4. An entire semester calendar will be posted on my website and Google Classroom for students to follow along and in case of absences.

    5. Before winter break, our classes had been introduced and practiced with Kami extension so Homework or any work submitted needs to be in Kami.  It is also a tool for students to take notes and practice using the stylus on chromebook during Edulastic assessments.  If your child needs more help with using Kami, please encourage him/her to come to 7th period during the first week of school.

    6. All Edpuzzle videos are due BEFORE the debriefs and all Homework assignments are due on Monday/Tuesday of the following week.  LATE work will be graded as zero.

    7. Grades will be point based, not weighted.  Final exam will be determined by the department at the end of the semester.

    8. I hold support EVERYDAY from Monday through Thursday, right after class and during 7th period from 2:25 - 3:10 pm.  Google Meet nickname for support is jlachelp.  Since there will be many training sessions for teachers during this semester, Friday support will be via email from 10:30 - 11:30 am.

    9. By now, we have been in Distance Learning for 7 months.  If your child still struggles with maneuvering the virtual classroom, please speak up and get help right away.

    10. Whether students are using the district chrome book or personal devices, Go Guardian needs to be connected on a daily basis.

    11. I am attaching Kami document and google classroom format for your preference.  


    I hope all the information above clears out your concerns and I am looking forward to a wonderful second semester.




    Kami Document