Teachers may be contacted via e-mail or voicemail.  We make every attempt to respond to messages within 48 hours.  Please understand that if a message comes in late in an afternoon teachers may not pick it up until the next day.

    To reach staff voicemail, call the main school line at (818) 735-3300

Staff Member Department Phone VoiceMail Email
Amerikaner, Erik Information Technology 9129 eamerikaner@opusd.org
Anderson, Victor History 9094 vanderson@opusd.org
ASB Line Student Government 9088
Athletics Athletic Department 735-3301
Billingsley, Dick PE/Athletics 735-3303 9063 voice mail
Boone, Sheri Modern Language 9091 sboone@opusd.org
Borquez, Zachary Instrumental Music 9176 zborquez@opusd.org
Bovard, Maryannick Foreign Language 9125 mbovard@opusd.org
Bowman, Kathy English 9065 kbowman@opusd.org
Bray, Deanne American Sign Language 9188 dbray@opusd.org
Bregar, Lisa Math 9097 lbregar@opusd.org
Buchanan, Kevin Principal 735-3312 kbuchanan@opusd.org
Cafeteria Cafeteria 735-3353
Charrett, Jennifer Counselor( N-Pe) 735-3310 jcharrett@opusd.org
Chevalier, Ellen Teacher-Special Assignment 9146 echevalier@opusd.org
Chevalier, Tim Social Science/Athletic Director 9077 tchevalier@opusd.org
Cissell, Heidi ASB & Choral Music 9088 hcissell@opusd.org
Cohen, Karen Student Services 735-3332 6060 kcohen@opusd.org
College & Career Center College & Career Center 735-3315 6034
Cook, D.J. Social Sciences 9222 djcook@opusd.org
Counselors Counseling 735-3310 FAX 707-7970
Creason, Todd Social Sciences 9066 tcreason@opusd.org
Custodio, Rebecca Special Education 735-3363 9130 rcustodio@opusd.org
D'Ascoli, Suzanne ESL 735-3377 9703 sdascoli@opusd.org
Deck, Scott Special Education 735-3373 9145 sdeck@opusd.org