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    What are Cal Grants?
    How do I apply? 

    Cal Grants may be used at any California Community College, UC, CSU, Private School, and most Career/Technical Schools!

    Are You Eligible For A Cal Grant?

    If you are a California graduating high school senior or recent graduate, or just got your GED, and meet academic, financial and eligibility requirements you may qualify for a Cal Grant for college or career or technical school.

    To be eligible for a Cal Grant you must:

    ·          Submit the FAFSA and your verified Cal Grant GPA by the deadline

    ·          Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen (your parents don’t need to be citizens or eligible noncitizens)

    ·          Be a California resident when you graduated from high school

    ·          Have a Social Security number

    ·          Attend a qualifying California college

    ·          Not have a bachelor’s or professional degree (except for Cal Grant A and B extended awards for a teaching credential program)

    ·          Have financial need based on your college costs

    ·          Have family income and assets below the established ceilings

    ·          Meet any minimum GPA requirements. Click here for information about how to calculate your Cal Grant GPA: Cal Grant GPA Calculation
    ·          Be in a program leading to an undergraduate degree or certificate

    ·          Be enrolled at least half time

    ·          Have registered with U.S. Selective Service (most males)

    ·          Not owe a refund on a state or federal grant or be in default on a student loan

    Available Grants
    What is Cal Grant Right for you?

    There are several types of Cal Grant awards. Chances are, there's one that's just perfect for you. Each of the Cal Grants listed below is for students pursuing an undergraduate associate's or bachelor's degree or an occupational training program.

    If you are a high school senior, a recent high school graduate or you just got your GED, and you meet all the requirements and you apply by the deadline, you are guaranteed to receive a Cal Grant Entitlement award.


    Cal Grant A

    Cal Grant A assists with tuition and fees at public and independent colleges, and some occupational and career colleges. At the University of California and the California State University, the award covers up to full system-wide fees. Your coursework must be for at least two academic years.

    There are two Cal Grant A awards: Entitlement and Competitive. There is also a Cal Grant A award for students transferring from a California Community College to a four-year college.

    Cal Grant A Entitlement Award
    • Students who meet all the Cal Grant eligibility requirements, have at least a 3.0 high school grade point average, and apply by March 2 either of the year they graduate from high school or the following year are guaranteed a Cal Grant A. Students awarded an Entitlement Cal Grant A must confirm their high school graduation at before funds can be disbursed.
    • The Cal Grant A Entitlement award provides for tuition and fees at the California State University and the University of California, as well as tuition support at participating independent colleges and universities and career colleges.
    • For the year 2014-15, a Cal Grant A paid $12,192 at the University of California, $5,472 at California State University, and $8,056 at WASC-accredited non-public colleges or $4,000 at non-WASC accredited non-public colleges.

    Cal Grant A and B Competitive Awards
    • Students who are not eligible for a Cal Grant A or B Entitlement award may compete for a Cal Grant A or B Competitive award.
    • Cal Grant Competitive awards are the same as a Cal Grant Entitlement awards, except that they are not guaranteed.
    • Students can submit high school, college, or reestablished GPAs (See GPA web page for more information.)
    • Each year, 22,500 Cal Grant Competitive awards are available. Of these, 11,250 are for students who do not qualify for a Cal Grant Entitlement award, but who otherwise meet the Cal Grant requirements and apply by March 2.
    • The remaining 11,250 awards are set aside for eligible California Community College students who meet the September 2 deadline.
    What are the income & asset ceilings for the Cal Grant program?

    How do I apply?
    • Starting October 1st file your FAFSA online at, It must ultimately be filed no later than March 2nd.
    • Beginning with the Class of 2017  OPUSD will submit the Cal Grant GPA verifications electronically to the California Student Aid Commission. This will be done automatically unless parents submit a Cal Grant GPA Opt-Out form by October 15th.
    • To check out the status of your Cal Grant application go to the Web Grants 4 Students web page at: and access your information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    • Web addresses: and 
    • If you have any questions, send an e-mail to or call 1-888-CA-GRANT (1-888-224-7268)
    • For information on filing the Cal gRant after the March 2nd deadline please print the following instructions: Filing the Cal Grant late

    pring Click here to print a paper CalGrant GPA verification form

    What can I do now?
    Be sure to contact your college financial aid office for more financial aid opportunities. If you plan to attend a California Community College this fall, you have another opportunity to compete for a community college award during the September 2nd award competition. Another 11, 250 Cal Grant awards will be available at that time to qualified applicants. Talk to your California Community College about applying for this next opportunity for a Cal Grant!

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Last Modified on February 13, 2020