• ASL 3, ASL 3 Honors, ASL 4 Honors
    Seniors in 2015 ASLHS awards
    Participate in activities with ASL Honor Society (students with 3.0 or higher so do your best in all of your academic classes!)
    ASL 3 and ASL 3 Honors are similar, however ASL 3 Honors is more rigorous with an addition of heavy ASL Literature
    (Drama Critiques, Poetry Anaylsis, ABC stories, and more Storytelling with various types of classifiers.)
    Aidan Glickman, OPHS graduating Senior who wants to get into film had the opportunity to interview the cofounder of The Fountain Theatre in Hollywood.  Stephen Sachs, writer and director of Arrival and Departure in 2018.
    Aidan Glickman
    Interviewing the cast of Arrival and Departure
    Aidan Glickman interview
    ASL 4 Honors - a continuation of language development of more ASL Literature and Deaf Culture Analysis