The OPHS California Scholarship Federation chapter is part of a statewide organization, which fosters pride in high standards of scholarship.  Full membership is open to students in grades 10-12 who meet specific grade standards in academic classes.   At the beginning of each new semester, the student body is notified of the process for application to CSF.  Eligible students must submit an application to the sponsoring advisor requesting membership in the CSF chapter.  CSF members have regular meetings throughout the year and plan special activities with an emphasis on service to the community.  Graduating seniors who have maintained membership in CSF for a minimum of 4 semesters (including at least one semester in their senior year) are eligible to wear a symbolic gold cord at graduation.  Full membership is based on grades earned in grades 10-12.  Life membership is based on four semesters of full membership including the first semester during the senior year.  One hundred percent membership is based on five semesters of full membership.  Suggested donations for the club are $20 per year paid to the Student Store once a school year.


    Please go to CSF Google Classroom for application information and informational meeting details.  Link to meeting in Google Classroom.



    Current Membership Rosters

    Class of 2023 (updated 3/8/23)       Class of 2024 (updated 3/8/23)

    Class of 2025

    Seniors: Please verify your name on the spreadsheet. I will be using the name shown for awards. If you would prefer a different name, please email me with a correction (clory@opusd.org). If you are listed as a candidate, I will be sending additional information after Spring Break regarding applying with your May grades to receive awards.


    Suggested $20 donation each year paid to Student Store  

     Informational Meeting: Tuesday 8/22 at Lunch in Room F-6

     Application Deadline: Friday September 8
    List 1: Academic classes including English, Math, History, Science and Foriegn Languages
    List 2: Sociology, Aca Deca, Mock Trial, Engineering, Computer Classes
    List 3: ASB, Music, Art, Drafting
    Course Lists for 2021-2022