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  • GPA & Class Rank Why Doesn’t Oak Park Rank? Many private/independent universities and scholarships want to know how a student has performed within the context of their school. In the class of 2020 alone there were 17 OPHS seniors with perfect 4.0 GPA's and 85 more with unweighted GPAs of 3.75 or higher. At Oak Park High School an outstanding GPA of 3.75 does not even place a student in the top 10% of their class! Furthermore, we have an additional 73 seniors with cumulative unweighted GPA’s between 3.50 and 3.75 that would only rank them in the top 30% of their class. At a high performing school such as ours, it is a challenge to adequately give recognition to so many outstanding students. As a result, we chose six years ago to delete a student’s class rank from our transcripts. This practice is gaining wide acceptance at the country's most prestigious college preparatory high schools. Accordingly, whenever a class rank is requested, we simply respond “Oak Park H.S. does not rank.” 

    Repeated Courses: There are a variety of policies with respect to repeating courses depending on what context a student's transcript is being reviewed. The transcript is a legal document that must document the exact history of a student's academic records. At Oak Park High School, when a student repeats a class, the will put an "R" (for repeat) notation on the student's transcript next to the original class. The Registrar will then post the new class on the transcript and use the new grade in recalculating the OPHS GPA. This process does not happen automatically - students must notify the Registrar that a class has been repeated or it will simply be averaged into the student's overall GPA, and no "R" will be posted next to the original class.

    Note: It is important to note that in cases where a student has earned a "D" or higher grade the first time they took a class, they will not receive additional credit towards graduation when they repeat the same class. So, students should always consider the impact on their progress towards graduation when repeating a class they have already received credit for. Students should always discuss the credit issue with their counselor before repeating a class. They should also confirm that a course they want to take for remedial purposes will be considered equivalent to the original class they took at Oak Park.

    For UC/CSU admissions: Courses used to satisfy the "a-g" requirements in which the student earns D or F grades must be repeated with grades of C or higher received. The repeated grades are used in calculating the Scholarship Requirement GPA. Each course in which a grade of D or F has been received may be repeated only once.

    Note: When repeating classes where a student originally earned a C or higher - Oak Park High School will use the new grade when recalculating the student's OPHS GPA. The UC's however, do not treat repeats the same way as Oak Park High School. If a student repeats a course used to satisfy the UC's "a-g" requirements in which he or she originally earned a grade of C or higher, the repeated grade will not be used in calculating the UC GPA. What OPHS does when calculating its GPA (in C or higher repeat situations) has no bearing on how the UC system will calculate its GPA.

    Pass/Fail Grades

    All Students Class of 2010 & beyond: Must take all classes (core and elective) for a letter grade. The one exception is when students receive Athletic credit in lieu of PE for their participation in a CIF-sanctioned sport, Dance, Cheer, Stunt, Marching Band, Drumline or Colorguard. In these cases, students will have a "P" for Pass grade entered on their transcript. A "P" carries no grade points and has no impact on the student's GPA.

    Scholastic Eligibility for co-curricular activities: To be eligible for participation in co-curricular activities (i.e. sports, drama, ASB, etc..), students must maintain a 2.0 or "C" grade point average with no "F" (fail) grade in all classes taken during the preceding marking period. Eligibility will be checked only at the quarter and semester report card times. Students with a 2.0 GPA and one "F" may be granted a probationary period to participate by petitioning the Eligibility Committee at the time of final clearance for each season/production. Scholastic probation may be granted to a student only once in his/her high school career.

Last Modified on July 5, 2020