• American Sign Language Honor Society
    Oak Park High School is one of ASLHS's sponsors, which is quite an honorable deal. 
    ASLHS  recognizes ASL programs nationwide of all high schools, community colleges and universities
    Students who are taking second year and third year of ASL will receive a letter of invitation from the nationwide American Sign Language Teacher Association's ASL honor society's program only if they are eligible with a GPA of 3.0 and above.

    Click here to see which institutions are members of ASLHS.
    ASLHS's purpose for recognizing students:
    • Awarding honor cords and medals based on academic achievement (G.P.A. calculated including ALL courses).
    • Encouraging students to use ASL within the local community through service learning.
    • Hosting the annual ASL Literature competition, featuring cash prizes.
    • Awarding competitive scholarships to students studying ASL in college.
    • Supporting ASL teachers to obtain equipment and materials to improve ASL teaching on campus.
    Seniors will be granted honor cords or the Laurent Clerc Medals if they meet the American Sign Language Honor Society's requirements.  Scholarships are provided as well if application are submitted on time.  Click on link below for more information.  
    For Seniors applying for scholarship if pursuing ASL studies for major or minor.
    Seniors, Hillary Lewis, Maayan Bahalul and Kelli Lewis were recognized
    for their commitment to ASL and in contributing community service hours in June 2015.
    ASLHS awards  
    Logan Colantuoni-OPHS graduate and ASLHS
    Logan C-Graduate

    OPHS's first ceremony

    ASL Honor Society 


    October 2016






    ASL Honor Society Ceremony

    January 24, 2018

    Wednesday 7 PM to 8 PM


    New members selected  

    Congratulations to:


    Caroline Bauman

    Audrey Billig

    Brennen Billig

    Logan Colantuoni

    Katie Crumpley

    Aiden Glikmann

    Cole Kramer

    Dylan Rodgers

    Camille Snader

    Ryan Speert

    Alexandra Tack

    Reilly White

    Mahnoor Zafar




    ASL Honor Society Ceremony

    April 20, 2020



    New members selected  

    Congratulations to:


    Celeste Goldes

    Heather McClammy

    Delaney Pryor

    Hogan Zuckerman

    Brynn Gorney

    Jordan Ravetch

    Katie Kersnick

    Madison Mills

    Alyssa Buck

    Ruby Van Cott 

    Bellamy Burrell Stevenson

    Lily Fadgen

    Hailey Jones




    ASL Honor Society Ceremony

    April 21, 2021

    Wednesday 4:30 to 5:30


    New members selected  

    Congratulations to: