GED & High School Equivalency Exams

  • (GED) General Equivalency Diploma:

    The minimum age requirement to take the GED® test is 18 unless you meet any one of the additional requirements.  See below.

    If you are underage, you must meet one of the following additional requirements:

    • You must be within 60 days of your 18th birthday (regardless of school enrollment status).
    • You are within 60 days of when you would have graduated from high school had you remained in school and followed the usual course of study. (Candidates testing under this criterion may not be enrolled in high school.)
    • You are 17 years of age; have been out of school for at least 60 consecutive days; and provide a letter of request for the test from the military, a postsecondary educational institution, or a prospective employer. The letter is to be provided to a test administrator at a local Pearson VUE test center that delivers the GED® test for the administrator’s review and approval.

    For those testing on the Online Exam

    • Online testing is available in California for any test-taker who meets the eligibility requirements for California.
    • A test taker under the age of 18, with an approved waiver from the California Department of Education due to additional requirements may be eligible to test.
    • A parent or guardian must be present at the pre-test check-in to give consent and authorize the under 18 test taker to be recorded during testing. If the parent or guardian is not present, the exam session will be revoked.

    Visit the GED website by clicking here.


    California Certificate of Proficiency:

    You may take the California HiSET Proficiency Exam for the California Proficiency Program (CPP) if on the test date you:

    • are currently enrolled in the second semester of 10th grade, OR
    • have been enrolled in the 10th grade for one academic year or longer, OR
    • are 16 years of age.

    Please note: a part of the eligibility process is for a student to upload their transcript. This process can take several days to verify, so please plan ahead accordingly.

    Learn more about this alternative to a high school diploma by clicking here.


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Last Modified on January 29, 2024