• ASL Level 1

    This page is for ASL 1 students to view a breakdown of Units for each 5-week interval period (total of 6 units from Signing Naturally: Student Workbook and handouts given in class).

    For those who are absent, please be responsible in checking the Q (frequently) and tasks are posted in Google Classroom to have your work completed, be prepared to take the quiz/tests or turn in projects.  If time is needed, I will give you time but students need to communicate with me and be responsible to complete their work.  If not completed, points will be taken off for late work on most assignments.  I expect students to be accountable with their studies by contacting a friend, seeing me during 7th period, or emailing me ahead of time.

    There will be video links to review signs/concepts covered in class for each unit in Google Classroom.  Also use my Google Slide as your class notes that I made for you of what we covered in class.  There are links and instructions that will be helpful to your studies.
    Be nice to yourself.  Studying at the last minute can add stress to ineffective learning,  and can impact the process of language learning.  This applies to all subjects.  You might be able to wing it but usually the learning process will not be as effective for students' long term memory. The final exam will cover all units (Units 1 to 5) and your Childhood story.  
    Again, students are responsible to view the videos to practice and to catch up of what was missed.
    Study smarter, and not harder.