• ASL 3 and ASL 3 Honors
    Seniors in 2015 ASLHS awards
    Participate in activities with ASL Honor Society (students with 3.0 or higher so do your best in all of your academic classes!)
    ASL 3 and ASL 3 Honors are similar by using the same text book (Units 18-22),
    however ASL 3 Honors is more rigorous with an addition of heavy ASL Literature
    ASL Literature
    Drama Critiques
    Children of a Lesser God - Phyllis Frelich
    Sue Thomas FBEye - "The Holocaust Survivor"
    Beyond Silence - German Sign Language, the life of a CODA
    Poetry Anaylsis
    Clayton Valli - Poetry
    Bernard Bragg- Visual Vernacular
    Troy Kotsur - Visual Vernacular
    Ella Mae Lentz - Poetry
    Simmonds - Poetry
    ABC Stories
    by Ben Bahan and Ben Jarashow
    Political views in raising Deaf children- The Communicate Debate