• ASL 3 and ASL 3 Honors
    Medal aslhs
    Seniors in 2015 ASLHS awards
    Participate in activities with ASL Honor Society (students with 3.0 or higher so do your best in all of your academic classes!)
    ASL 3 and ASL 3 Honors are similar by using the same text book (Units 18-22),
    however ASL 3 Honors is more rigorous with an addition of heavy ASL Literature
    ASL Literature
    Drama Critiques
    Children of a Lesser God - Phyllis Frelich
    Sue Thomas FBEye - "The Holocaust Survivor"
    Beyond Silence - German Sign Language, the life of a CODA
    Poetry Anaylsis
    Clayton Valli - Poetry
    Bernard Bragg- Visual Vernacular
    Troy Kotsur - Visual Vernacular
    Ella Mae Lentz - Poetry
    Simmonds - Poetry
    ABC Stories
    by Ben Bahan and Ben Jarashow
    Political views in raising Deaf children- The Communicate Debate