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    The GATE District Advisory Council (DAC) provides guidance to the Board and District regarding the GATE program. The DAC meets monthly to share information, research, and ideas related to the instructional and social-emotional needs of gifted students. 
    The GATE DAC members are:
    Dr. Jay Greenlinger, Chair
    BES- Denise Keane, Teacher
    OHES- Jennifer Aaronson, Teacher
    ROES- Erica White, Teacher
    MCMS- Sharon Lavene, Teacher
    OPHS- Julie Ross, Counselor
    Judy Weiner, Community Member
    Tina Wang, Parent
    Amar Nadig, Parent
    Jeya Nandagopalan, Parent
    Angela Xi Hong, Parent
    Lisa Kommers, Parent
    Derek Ross, Board Member 
    The 209-2020 meeting dates are:
    September 19
    October 17
    November 21
    December 19
    January 16
    February 20
    March 19
    April 23
    May 21
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