• ALL Oak Park Schools will remain closed through Thanksgiving break and will reopen on Monday, November 26th.


    Oak Park Unified School District will keep schools closed until after Thanksgiving Break to allow for a thorough and deep cleaning to be performed by professionals hired by the district's insurance carrier, the Ventura County Schools Joint Powers Authority (JPA).  A site by site inspection and detailed assessment has been performed by Insight Environmental under the auspices of the JPA and their hygienist has determined that every Oak Park school has been substantially impacted by smoke and ash and will require extensive and deep cleaning before students and staff may be allowed to return.


    In collaboration with Insight Environmental, crews from ASR Property Restoration, (a local Ventura based company) will carry out deep cleaning, deodorizing, and disinfecting of interior spaces as well as power washing of exterior structures including buildings and playground equipment. Air scrubbers will be employed in all interior spaces, and HVAC systems will be cleaned and their filters changed. This protocol has been established by FEMA, the EPA, and the California Air Resources Board to ensure schools are safe for occupancy after a major fire event.


    This district wide closure also includes Club Oak Park childcare and Oak Park Neighborhood Preschool. There will be no student activities, events, or practices during this time. Schools will be closed and employees will not be reporting to work until Monday, November 26th.


    As always, the safety and well-being of our students and staff comes first. We hope this time away from school will allow our community to begin the healing and rebuilding process.


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    The application will close at midnight on December 31, 2018. 

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    Oak Park Independent School (OPIS) is located in Oak Park, California.  Oak Park is home to the number-one school district in the Ventura County and to one of the top 10 districts in the state.  OPIS offers students the ability to experience the educational benefits of our school district while maintaining their own personal needs and goals.  OPIS is located on the District Office Campus. 
    OPIS is designed to accommodate the needs and demands of students who have a need for flexibility with time and attendance.  Students with demanding acting and music commitments, students with health issues, students with religious commitments, parents/families who like to home school their children and other similar individual situations are examples of who make up our dynamic student body.  We have several students who are training for the Olympics or who have competed in the games already.  We have students who act on The Disney Channel and other shows.  
    Our OPIS high school students are able to participate in the classes at Oak Park High School (#1 school in Ventura County) in addition to the dances, athletic sports teams, and graduation.  At OPIS, we go on many field trips that are related to the curriculum that the students are doing.  We have recently added an OPIS Student Body (OSB) club that organizes dances, activities and fundraisers for all of our students.  We are a WASC accredited school that earns A-G type of credits for students interested in attending a University of California, California State University, out-of-state or private school.  OPIS provides academic lab/tutorials to help students in core academic areas.  
    Our staff is an absolutely amazing, hard-working group of professionals.  They all truly enjoy what they do and have worked with high caliber students for several years.  OPIS employs an expert faculty who has many years of experience teaching home schoolers and independent learners.  The teachers meet with the students regularly to ensure curriculum learning and to review for further understanding.  Our goal is to provide the ongoing support to facilitate success while learning at home.  Our school is structured to include parental involvement.  We believe parents have an essential role in a student’s education, as they are their first teachers in life.  We value our partnership with each family and we communicate regularly.
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