• Welcome to Pre Algebra
    In this course, students begin the journey towards abstract thought, while getting a comprehensive review of basic skills (arithmetic).  Not only will they explore proportionality in depth and be introduced to Algebraic fundamentals, but they'll also develop problem solving strategies that will improve their ability to evaluate and synthesize information (which will benefit them in all future mathematics courses).
    Click here to go to the Math Course Web Pages to find:
    • get online access to the textbook
    • read about the criteria to qualify for an 8th grade math class
    • read, download, and sign the contract for the course
    • find a link to the Content Standards for the course
    • Placement process at Medea Creek
    Come to Class Prepared
    The following is a list of materials used throughout the course. They include: 
    • textbook
    • composition notebooks made with graph paper;  using one at a time and naming each Classwork/Homework Notebook (all problems assigned from textbook and worksheets should be CHRONOLOGICALLY ORDERED in this notebook so you can find items easily)
    • pencils (mechanical pencils work best, don't forget to buy replacement lead)
    • highlighter pen
    • erasers
    • a correcting pen, any color other than black or gray (for homework)
    • daily assignment book (copy daily assignments, use website as backup)
    • ruler
    • compass
    • protractor
    • a dedicated section in a spiral notebook for any handouts (notes, worksheets, etc...)
    To Perform Well in this Class: 
    1. Keep your composition notebooks organized.
    2. Label all work properly; beginning each assignment on a new, blank page in your composition book with a title on the top line including name of assignment and problem numbers.
    3. Separate the problems and do your work neatly, showing all steps then boxing each answer.