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    Attendance: If your student is going to be late or absent, a parent should contact the attendance line (818) 597-4261 before school. Please note that if the school does not receive notification from a parent regarding the absence, your student will be considered truant. Please refer to the Student Handbook for a description of valid absences.


    Leaving School: Any student leaving campus during the school day needs to bring a note to the student window in the morning to get an “Off Campus Pass.” This method saves parents time and helps us to avoid interrupting the classroom. The student may never leave campus without a pass from the office; parents need to come to the office to sign out their student before picking them up.


    Forgotten Items: If your student has forgotten their homework, lunch, P.E. clothes, etc. at home we will be happy to place it on our “forgotten items” table located in the administrative office. Please remind your students to check this table if they have forgotten anything and anticipate a parent dropping it off for them. We do our best to avoid interrupting classes and therefore cannot call for individual students and will not be able to deliver items to the classrooms.


    Parking lot: Parents are reminded that our parking lot is one way traffic with one entrance and a different exit. We encourage parents to use the school side of Doubletree Road for drop offs and pick ups. Please do not park in any space designated “staff.” We have visitor parking spaces available in our parking lot located near the exit driveway facing the gym.


    Studying: Every student can have passing grades if they practice good study habits and develop the self-discipline. We want to support your efforts and will be happy to meet with you if you would like to.

    1. Take your assignment notebook with you to every class. Be sure that you fill it in every day for every class and check off finished work in the column provided. If you have difficulty writing down assignments and tests, ask your teacher to initial your book daily. It is your responsibility to give it to the teacher for initialing.
    2. Set up "office hours". This is a specific time that you will spend studying. Find a quiet, comfortable place to work. If you complete homework before this time is up, you can read, review, study for tests, etc. Make a commitment to this time daily.
    3. Think about how you study for tests. You should use strategies such as reviewing class notes, study guides, and journals; preparing flashcards for vocabulary or concepts; re-reading chapters; reviewing homework and quizzes; and formulating questions that you anticipate will be on the test
    4. Get organized! A three-ring binder with sections for each class is mandatory. All work should be kept in the binder (not the bottom of backpacks!). Check your binder on a regular basis. Work returned by teachers should also be neatly put away. Ask your teachers how long you should keep your work.
    5. Be aware that Progress Reports are sent home every five weeks to students who are receiving “U’s” (unsatisfactory) and/or D’s and/or Fails in one or more classes. Progress Report dates appear on the school calendar. You should mark them in your assignment notebook immediately.
    6. Go to Homework Club! It meets in the library from 3:00-4:00 p.m. on scheduled days. You do not need an appointment! It is open to all students who need quiet place to study or who would like to receive help with their assignments. The Homework Club is for the purpose of doing homework, not as an after school hangout or substitute for daycare. Students are expected to sign in when they arrive and do not need to stay the entire hour.
    7. Ask your teachers for help. Teachers are available to help students. Check with your teachers individually to find out when they are available.

    Every student can have passing grades if they practice good study habits and develop the self-discipline. We want to support your efforts and will be happy to meet with you!


    Learn School Rules:

    • Follow all school and classroom roles.
    • Pay attention and follow directions.
    • Show courtesy to others at Medea Creek Middle School.
    • Seek assistance as needed.
    • Be respectful and refrain from using put downs.
    • Stay in designated areas.
    • Come to school fully prepared with book, paper, pencil, etc.
    • Refrain from using profanity.
    • Take care of school property and the property of others.
    • No littering.
    • No using balls or other unauthorized equipment
    • No sunglasses in classes or in PE
    • No radios, tape recorders, cameras, beepers, laser pens, etc. (See: “Restricted Items” )
    • No gum.
    • Keep hands and objects to yourself.
    • No running.
    • Always use stairs and ramps.
    • Always get a pass from your teacher to leave class.
    • Be in class on time.
    • No eating in class unless related to class activity
    • No climbing over fences or walls.


    Suggestions from Students:

    Students are encouraged to share their ideas for improving our school in the following ways:

    1. Deposit your suggestions in the box in the Main Office.
    2. Give your suggestions to your ASB representative.
    3. Attend Principal’s Forums