Pupil Services/ Special Education

    Director of Pupil Services
    Marcus Konantz

    The Oak Park Unified School District believes that all students are to be afforded equal opportunity to participate in academic and non-academic classes and extra-curricular activities, regardless of whether or not they are disabled or have special needs. In accordance with State guidelines, the District provides disabled students with the CORE curriculum in the appropriate least restrictive setting. General education class materials and curricula are used with supplemental materials and differentiated presentation methods utilized as needed to support students’ progress in meeting State standards.


    Section 504—Rehabilitation Act

    Students who demonstrate a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, including learning, may require a 504 Plan. A 504 Plan provides for reasonable accommodations related to the student’s impairment that enables students to benefit from their education. 504 Plans are reviewed yearly with parents and students’ teachers to ensure that the Plans are providing for students’ needs, and they are modified as needed. 


    Special Education

    The Oak Park Unified School District has a strong commitment to inclusion and the least restrictive setting, to the maximum extent appropriate. The District provides a continuum of placement and service options to address students’ individual needs. Services range from full inclusion, with support as needed, to part-time or full-time pull-out into special education classes. All sites provide for this continuum of options through their special education teacher(s) and specialists and general education teachers.  Decisions regarding appropriate placement and services are made by each identified special education student’s IEP team, according to the unique needs of each student. Accommodations and/or modifications of the regular program are made for those students who can benefit from remaining in general education classes. A high level of coordination between special education and general education staff is necessary to make this successful. Special education staff may work with students in the general education classroom, may collaborate with general education teachers, and may team-teach.


    Designated Instruction and Services

    Designated Instruction and Services are those special education services that supplement the primary special education placement. These may include, but not be limited to, Speech/Language services, Occupational Therapy, Adapted Physical Education, Deaf/Hard of Hearing services, and Vision Impaired services.



    PUBLIC NOTICE Pursuant to 34CFR 300.624, Notice is hereby given that OPUSD may destroy personally identifiable special education records three (3) year after a pupil's graduation. For questions regarding this Notice, please contact Pupil Services, located at 5801 Conifer St., or call 818-735-3208.
Last Modified on March 11, 2024