There are many ways to practice the types of problems you'll see in Math Counts or on AMC 8.  Here are a few links:
    • The Math Counts Problem of the Week:  Every week, a new multi-part problem related to a holiday, season, special event or cool STEM topic is released.  The answer is posted the following week within the problem itself (in blue color).
    • The Math Counts "Minis":  Minis provide detailed explanations for MATHCOUNTS problems and their associated math concepts, plus include activity sheets.
    • The Math Counts Trainer on The Art of Problem Solving's Website is developed for those students that find they need to be challenged in a more rigorous way than most classroom settings.  The Art of Problem Solving has a bookstore, online classes, and other resources available.
    • AMC Resources consists of materials for teachers, parents and students to help with mathematical problem solving and to prepare for the MAA American Mathematics Competitions (AMC).
    • Brilliant is a collection of lessons for students to help them learn many of the concepts used throughout the year in Math Counts.
    We do not recommend students to spend money on purchasing any materials unless they get their parents' approval first.  If students/families choose to purchase any material, it's for their personal use and not a part of the Math Counts Club.
    AMC 8 Sign Up:  Please read the form before you sign up, to make sure you're signing up for the right reason.  The AMC 8 test is not for everyone.
    There are only a small number of spots still available, if you'd like to sign up please see me in room C-6.