• CPM - College Preparatory Mathematics
    Our school utilizes the techniques designed by CPM in out Algebra Intro classroom.  If you are unfamiliar with CPM, please click the link below and read the information provided by CPM itself.  
    CPM Philosophy
    Our textbook uses exploratory problems that lead students into discovering any relationships within a problem.  The text builds upon itself, so it's imperative that students read all problems carefully and look for the connections within problems.  "Drill type" of exercises are minimized within the text.  Overall, students will develop higher-order problem solving skills whiles learning to work within a small group or partnership.
    Supplemental Material
    Worksheets assigned throughout the course and daily warm-up's provide supplemental and focused practice of important skills.  Solutions are provided for all textbook problems, worksheets, and warm-up's so students can check their understanding prior to returning to class.