Welcome to Math Counts
    If you're interested in a challenging after-school activity that will make future math and science courses seem a bit less daunting, then you'll want to join our club.  With the eclectic collection of problem-solving activities, students will be challenged in a variety of ways.  There is no such thing as routine, as the problems encountered are randomly presented, challenging students to use their problem solving skills in a variety of ways.
    Math Counts is a friendly and collaborative club in which students compete for a place on the MCMS Math Counts Team that will be competing in a local competition in February.  There are state and national competitions beyond that if our team advances.  Ultimately, students will be solving interesting and challenging problems.  The use of logic is essential as students develop innovative and alternative methods to solve problems while working with others in a Socratic environment.
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    Each Tuesday after school from 2:50 - 3:30, except holidays or shortened days.
    Here's the 2023-24 Schedule
    Room C-6
    Just show up on Tuesday after school, sign in, and work with others solving a variety of problems.  Students can work solo or in a small group to discuss how they solve problems.  Working with others is always the most beneficial.  The worksheets and solutions can be downloaded below.
    Warm Ups - #1(doc / key), #2 (doc / key), #3 (doc / key), #4 (doc / key), #5(doc / key), #6 (doc / key), #7 (doc / key), #8 (doc / key), #9 (doc / key), #10 (doc / key), #11 (doc / key), #12 (doc / key), #13 (doc / key), #14 (doc / key)
    Workouts -  #1 (doc / key), #2 (doc / key), #3 (doc / key), #4 (doc / key), #5 (doc / key), #6 (doc / key), #7 (doc / key), #8 (doc / key) 
    Stretches -  #1 Exponents (doc / key), #2 Divisibility (doc / key), #3 Paroblas (doc / key)
    Old Stretches - #1 Surface Area & Volume (doc / key), #2 TBD (doc / key), #3 TBD (doc / key)
    School Competition (to form the MCMS Team):  
    Held during January here at Medea Creek Middle School.  Any Math Counts Student interested should be prepared to participate on each Tuesday of January, and if they make the team be available for the competition(s) in February and March.  The school competition will be held after school Tuesdays (during the normal Math Counts Meetings):  dates found on the downloadable schedule above.  Any student that wants to try out must attend each part of the competition.  The team will be formed from the 4 students that score the highest in the competition.  The next six students will qualify as "alternates" and are also invited to the competition.  Alternates have filled spots that were vacated by a student in the past.
    Practice Competition found at the Art of Problem-Solving Website (If you don't have an account, create one):
    School Competition Results:  CLICK HERE to see who made the team and who are the alternates.
    Chapter Competition: 
    Place:  Medea Creek Middle School (We host because our team was #1 in last year's comp)
    Date:  February 24, 2024.  Arrive at 8:45 AM, the competition begins at 9:30 AM.
    Competition Info: Hosted at Medea Creek this year.
    Results:  Download a summary of the competition with the results of each team.
    State Competition: 
    Place:  California Baptist University
    Date:  March 23, 2024.  Arrive at 8 AM. It's about a two-hour trip from Oak Park.
    Competition Info:  CLICK HERE to be redirected to their website with complete information.  You can download this PDF  for a quick reference to the address, a map, and a schedule for the day.