• Welcome to Algebra 1
    In this course students will learn to model linear, quadratic, and exponential relationships.  This leads to the development of rules (equations)...ultimately leading to "predicting" for future events using the rule developed from the data (It's the Scientific method in action!!).

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    • get online access to the textbook
    • read about the criteria to qualify for Geometry
    • read, download, and sign the contract for the course
    • find a link to the Content Standards for the course
    Come to Class Prepared
    The following is a list of materials used throughout the course. They include: 
    • textbook
    • composition books made with graph paper; one to be used for Warm Up's, Worksheets, and Notes (all notes copied from the textbook OR created by me should be CHRONOLOGICALLY ORDERED in this notebook), and another to be used for textbook Classwork & Homework (all problems assigned from textbook and worksheets should be CHRONOLOGICALLY ORDERED in this notebook so you can find items easily)
    • pencils (mechanical pencils work best, don't forget to buy replacement lead)
    • highlighter pen
    • erasers
    • a correcting pen
    • daily assignment book
    • ruler
    • dedicated section in a notebook for any handouts (notes, worksheets, etc...)