• Welcome to Geometry
    In this course, students will explore Geometric concepts with the added bonus of a comprehensive algebraic review.  Successful completion of this course permits students to advance into Algebra 2 at Oak Park High.
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    • get online access to the textbook
    • read about the criteria to qualify for Algebra II (H) or Algebra II (CP)
    • read, download, and sign the contract for the course
    • find a link to the Content Standards for the course
    Come to Class Prepared
    The following is a list of materials used throughout the course. They include: 
    • textbook
    • composition books made with graph paper; using one at a time, name them Classwork/Homework Notebook (all problems assigned from textbook and worksheets should be CHRONOLOGICALLY ORDERED in this notebook so you can find items easily)
    • pencils (mechanical pencils work best, don't forget to buy replacement lead)
    • compass (safe-T compasses are used in the classroom)
    • protractor
    • ruler
    • highlighter pen
    • erasers
    • a correcting pen
    • daily assignment book
    • dedicated section in a spiral notebook for any handouts (notes, worksheets, etc...)