Attendance Information


    LATE OR ABSENT: Attendance is taken every period at MCMS. It is crucial that we are notified whenever your student will be late or absent.


    Attendance Line number is: 818.597.4261


    LEAVING EARLY: If your student needs to leave early for an appointment please have them bring in a note stating what time they need to leave and for what reason to the Student Window first thing in the morning to get an “Off Campus Pass”. This will save you, the teacher and the parent volunteers any inconvenience. We do our best to not have to disturb classes during class instruction. Your student may never leave campus without an Off Campus Pass. When you are ready to pick up your student come to the main office to sign them out in the blue Student Sign-Out Log binder.


    If returning from an appointment, your student will need to check back in at the Student Window to get an updated pass. You do not need to accompany them to the office or to the window.