• Dress Code


    Medea Creek Students Dress For Success!
    The appearance and manner of dress of students is a matter to be determined primarily by the students' parents. The District expects students will attend school wearing clothing which is both neat and clean and which is appropriate to the weather and to the activities being conducted in school. In no case shall the dress or appearance of a student be such that it endangers the health and safety of the student or others or such that it has a disruptive effect upon the orderly operation of the school.
    Medea Creek Dress Code: 
    1. For safety, all students must wear shoes with backs, including sandals. All shoes must be hard-soled. No slippers or flip-flops.
    2. No outfits are permitted which are revealing, see-through, or show underwear (bra straps as an example) or a student's private parts.
    3. Wearing shorts: Inside pocket lining on girls’ shorts should not be longer than the leg of the shorts; shorts must amply cover the buttocks. The waist of boys’ shorts must be worn above the buttocks. The waist of boys' shorts must be worn above the buttocks.
    4. No clothes may be worn which look like underwear or sleepwear (pajamas, etc.). 
    5. No strapless or backless tops or halters. No midriffs. No tank tops for boys. 
    6. No clothing which depicts sexually suggestive behavior, foul language/pictures or which advertises alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances, or clothing depicting violence. 
    7. No clothes or hairstyle that create a disturbance. No excessive spikes, Mohawk styles, hair colors or body piercings that is disruptive. 
    8. No gang related apparel, as identified by the sheriff's department. 
    9. No clothes may be worn which are excessively tight or extremely baggy; dresses, skirts or shorts must be worn over tights. 
    10. Leggings can be worn only with a top or shirt or dress that covers the buttocks completely and reaches the thigh, front and back
    11. Hats and sunglasses are not permitted in class, unless approved by the Principal. 
    12. No wallet or other heavy, dangling chains or straps.