• Dress Code


    Medea Creek Students Dress For Success!
    The appearance and manner of dress of students is a matter to be determined primarily by the students' parents. The District expects students will attend school wearing clothing which is both neat and clean and which is appropriate to the weather and to the activities being conducted in school. In no case shall the dress or appearance of a student be such that it endangers the health and safety of the student or others or such that it has a disruptive effect upon the orderly operation of the school.

    Medea Creek Dress Code:

    1. Students must wear clothing including both a shirt with pants or skirt, or the equivalent (i.e. dresses, leggings, or shorts) and shoes, (for example, sneakers or sandals).

    2. Clothing must cover the chest, back, buttocks, and torso (e.g., private parts.) Tops must have two straps.

    3. Clothing must opaquely cover private parts and any undergarments at all times (see-through clothing, mesh, or transparent materials do not meet this requirement).

    4. Clothing may not depict, advertise or advocate the use of firearms, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or other controlled substances.

    5. Clothing may not use or depict hate speech targeting groups based on, including but not limited to, disability, race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, immigration status, religion, sexual orientation, household income, gender identity, gender expression, or cultural observance.

    6. Students may not wear clothing or accessories that feature offensive images or language including profanity, hate speech, pornography, vulgarities, or defamatory language as determined by the school principal or their administrative designee.

    7. Clothing must be suitable for all scheduled classroom activities including physical education, science labs, shop classes, field trips and other activities where unique hazards or specialized attire or safety gear is required.

    8. Hats and other headwear must allow the face to be visible to staff. Masks are not allowed with the exception of those required for health and safety reasons.

    9. Students must wear shoes with backs, including sandals. All shoes must be hard-soled. No slippers or flip-flops.

    10. Attire or grooming depicting or advocating violence, criminal activity, gang-related activity including attire, logos, or colors identified by VCSD, LASD, or LAPD as gang-affiliated are prohibited.

    11. No clothes may be worn which look like underwear or sleepwear (pajamas, etc.)

    12. The principal and staff of the school may establish reasonable additional regulations regarding student appearance and attire to be required of students who voluntarily engage in extracurricular or other special activities, including school dances and curricular trips, as examples.