In order to succeed in Mathematics
    Students are expected to be actively involved:

            1)    Raise their hand if they have a question

    2)    Listen to other students questions

    3)    Volunteer to do problems on board

    4)    Help other students

    5)    Read sections and go through examples in book and notes

    6)    Work during class work time

    7)    Attend support period as needed


    Support period success

                    1)    Bring book and materials
              2)    Have questions ready
              3)    Use white boards 
             4)     Work with other students


    Questions for parents to ask in order to aid their students

                 1)      What was assigned in class?
            2)      Where are your notes or book?
            3)      Have you read the examples in the book?
            4)      Is there new vocabulary/formulas for this section/chapter?


    Questions to aid in solving problems

         1)      What are we going to prove or solve?
       2)      What information is given?
       3)     Can you draw and label a picture?
       4)      Select an attack strategy.
       5)      Did we answer the question?