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    English II, European History AP, Poetry, Speech, Film I, Film II:
    Class Policies - Mr. Kinberg
    • Respect
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    • Property

    Be on time. Anyone not in the room by the time the bell stops ringing will be marked tardy. After your third tardy, you will be assigned a 1-hour detention every time you are tardy. Remember, according to school policy, 2 tardies equal 1 absence.

    Be prepared. Bring your text, your journal, paper, and a pen (black or blue ink only) to every class session. Points will be deducted for not bringing materials to class.

    Late work. Late work will be accepted up to 1 class period late for a maximum of 50% of the total value of the assignment. After 1 class period, late work will not be accepted. Because all assignments are posted on the back board up to 6 weeks in advance, being absent is NOT an excuse for not doing the work. Look at the following example.

    Monday: Assignment A due

    Wednesday: Assignment B due

    Friday: Assignment C due

    If you are absent on Monday, then both assignments A and B are due on Wednesday. If you only hand in assignment A then both assignments B and C are due Friday but assignment B will only receive 50% credit.

    On long term projects, no late work will be accepted. You may hand them in early. If you are going to be absent, have a family member, friend, or fellow classmate bring your work in for you (get a few phone numbers).

    If you miss an exam, quiz, or work done in class, it is up to you to schedule a make-up date to be done during 7th period within 2 school days of the date you return to school. Failure to do so will result in a zero for the missed work.

    No gum, eating, or drinking is permitted in the classroom.

    No hats or sunglasses may be worn during class.

    Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. Understand what plagiarism is. You are to hand in your own work only. I would rather see your own wrong answer than the correct answer you might have received from a friend, parent, sibling, or web site.

    All school rules apply in my classroom.

    I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the policies stated above.


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