• How To Pass the AP Statistics Exam
    First, a WARNING!  
    This warning is a quote from Dave Bock writing on the AP Statistics instructors listserve/daily email.  Bock has written Stats: Modeling the World, which is an excellent supplemental book to our textbook.  Bock also assisted in writing the AP Statistics exam.
    "...Calculus is MECHANICALLY more difficult than statistics.  It requires a far greater facility with algebra.  But the concepts (in my opinion) easier; the analysis far more straightforward, and the exam is highly predictable.  I taught BC Calc for many years, and I don't hesitate to say that the AP Stats exam is tougher.  The level of reading, creative thinking, analysis, and communication required is much higher than calculus--but accessible to a far wider audience of kids than just the algebra jocks."
    Now, some of my tips:
    1.   Attend Class Every Day
    2.   Take Notes
    3.   Talk/Participate in class about stats and how our subject connects to life
    4.   Do ALL the HW...actually think about, no ponder, the data highlights and linking concepts at the end of each chapter
    5.   Write conclusions 
    6.   READ the book
    7.   READ the supplemental material I share on Google Classroom
    8.   Read and DO problems from the College Board AP Statistics site, OR an AP review book
    9.   Visit collegeboard.com, familiarizing yourself with the test, recorded lessons, and released exam questions from the past
    10.  Spend Spring Break with STATISTICS, not Steve
    11.  Attend 15+ study sessions in the Fabulous Forum in late April & early May
    12.  Rest/Study/Be Boring for a full week prior to our AP exam
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    AP Exam Review in May, 2012  
    AP Students at review session May, 2012

    Character is the discipline to

    do what you aspired to,even

    after the initial inspiration

    has passed.

    1.    Skip class for any reason...college visits, life skills retreat, tummy ache, track/softball/baseball/golf/Laker riot, peer counseling trip,             youth & gov trip, parents take you to Paris, dentist appt, music performance, art exhibit, play rehearsal went late into the night...
     2.   Think that the AP Stats exam is easy
     3.   Let classmates calculate answers while you coast in class
     4.   Take 5-6 other AP exams this year
     5.   Skip the test because your silly college wont accept the score.  (Just "ace" the exam, then negotiate at your Univ for elective credit           at least, or the satisfaction of beating the APE, uh AP Exam)