• Math Placement Exam FAQs


    To schedule your student for the Math Placement Test, please contact Kim Alba.

    See below regarding the use of calculators.  All other materials will be provided. 

    •                   Algebra Readiness – Calculators Prohibited
    •                   Geometry Readiness – Calculators Optional
    •                   Second Year Algebra Readiness – Calculators Optional
    •                   Math Analysis Readiness – Calculators Not Recommended
    •                   Calculus Readiness – Calculators Not Recommended

    We will meet at the office to check in and walk to the testing room together.  The doors will be locked 15 minutes after the scheduled test time and will not be opened for anyone who is arriving later. 

    The test is an all multiple-choice exam consisting of 45 questions and the recommended completion time is 45 minutes.  Tests will be collected after 90 minutes. 

    Your student is taking a Readiness Test for the class they plan to enter next year.  For example, if they are currently taking Algebra I and wish to continue into Geometry next year, they will be taking the Geometry Readiness Test. 

    A score of 70% is required to pass.  We mail in the tests for grading and typically receive them back in two weeks. Once received, our math department reviews the results and places the student in the appropriate class.  A letter with their placement and their results will be mailed to you at that time. 

    A student may re-take the Math Placement Test once.