Teacher: Mr. Matt Micek; room R16
    Classes:AP Statistics, CP Statistics
    Email Address: mmicek@opusd.org 
    Phone number:818.735.3300 X150 


    Congratulations to the students who passed previous College Board's AP Statistics exams, thus saving money, earning University credit, and a large amount of respect on your college campus and in your own mind!  Please see the Wall Of Fame in the Stat Gurus section of this site.
     I believe every student can learn Statistics...
    if you are willing to work at it. 
    Statistics is an alive, more often used than some realize, important area of study.   
    It is central to the scientific method.  It will be valuable to all, even if you insist it wont.
     That is why I teach it.
    Success in the course will be a CHALLENGE. 
    It will require consistency and perseverance. 
    But you can do it.  Yes, even if your inherited "bad math genes."
    There is no great satisfaction from doing that which is easy. 
    The reward for having done something difficult, is having done it.
    Successful People habitually do the things
    unsuccessful people dont do.

    Welcome to Mr Micek's Class!
    In all likelihood, this year will be a memorably great time in your life.
    We will work very hard in Statistics.  We will stretch and grow each class meeting.  Expect lots of material to be covered daily.  Know that we will have homework nearly every day.  Start it early! (11pm the eve before is not early)
    If you hope this class is a lot of fun, then it will be ALOT of work.  If, however, you plan on this class being a lot of work, then it will turn out to be a ton of fun.
    I have high expectations for this genuinely valuable course of study.  This course is a rigorous excursion, even for the excellent students we have at Oak Park.  It is for those who genuinely desire to learn how to learn...those folk who enjoy mental stimulation and intellectual growth...people who want to stretch their minds and grow, rather than merely point chase to earn a grade and please their parents.
    If you do, you will learn how to make wise choices when faced with uncertainty.
    Welcome the struggle.
    Life (and mathematics) is difficult. 
    As soon as we realize that, and
    come to expect life to be hard,
    it tends to get a little easier. 
    Scott Peck and Matt Micek

    Hope is a good thing.
    Maybe, the best of things.


    What are you hoping for that is really grand...really noble...truly significant?

    Dont Give Up.
    Dont Ever Give Up.
    Jim Valvano
    Do 3 things everyday:
    1.  Laugh
    2.  Think
    3.  Feel so deeply that you cry
                                                    Pros do it (practice) until they cant get it wrong.
    Remember George,
    No one is a failure who has friends. 
    You really have a wonderful life!

    wonderful life

    rich with friends
     Each man's life touches so many other lives. 
    Don't you see what a mistake it would be to throw it away?
    If there is no struggle, then there is no progress.

    Frederick Douglass
    Most of Success is practice.  The rest of it (success) is work. 
    John Wooden
    It is what you learn after you know it all, that really counts.