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    Naviance's "NAVIANCE STUDENT" is a web-based program for academic planning, college, and career research.  You will want to become familiar with this program as it is the primary vehicle you will use to:
    • plan your high school academic program
    • select your courses for the following school year 
    • research careers
    • research college majors
    • determine what colleges to apply to
    • request letters of recommendation
    • research scholarships

    • To login to Naviance click on this link: https://student.naviance.com/oakparkhs
    • The username for all students is their OPHS student ID number
    • The password for all students is their "Q" password.

     Naviance Student

    NAVIANCE STUDENT has changed to a new, user-friendly format that groups categories more intuitively, and eases navigation between the sections. It is also accessible on all mobile devices We encourage you to explore and familiarize yourself with all the resources in the program. For an update on the new updates coming to "Naviance Student" please view the video below.
    Naviance Student
    We have summarized the key features for you below. 
    • On the Naviance home page, enter the same login credentials that you use to access "Q".
    • If students have not received a Naviance Registration code or have lost it, it can be re-issued by our College & Career Center Advisor or by your Counselor. 
    • For questions contact: Mrs. Julie Prince in the College & Career Center at 818-735-3315 or via email at jprince@opusd.org

    What's New

    • General Announcements will appear in this section with important information - you should check it often!
    • This section will alert you to campus visits by college representatives, and other college/career-related presentations.
    • This will also be where you are notified that there are e-mail messages waiting for you from your Counselors, the School, or the College & Career Center.


    • Also in the left-hand column just below the pages section, you will find a series of direct links to web pages on the OPHS Website. These pages contain a wide range of information on college admission related topics.


    • On the right-hand side of the homepage, there is an updates column where the school will post local paid & volunteer job opportunities.
    • This section also contains a document library where students will find Word versions of the applications for scholarships as well as Counseling Forms that students will need to complete if they plan to ask OPHS Teachers and/or Counselors to write college recommendations for them.
    Courses  Under this tab, students can view a comprehensive listing (with Course Descriptions) of all our courses. You can also create and update a personal 4-year plan for your high school career!

    Colleges Under this tab, students can research colleges, select specific schools to apply to, and research scholarships!

    colleges I'm thinking about is the section where you save colleges initially while you research them before deciding to apply, or not.

    colleges I'm applying to is the section you move the colleges to that you've actually decided to apply to. Once you have moved schools to this category section Naviance will help you track the status of all the application milestones for each college.

    letters of recommendation is the section where students request letters of recommendation from their teachers.

    Naviance Video
    Click here to view a Naviance training video on how to request letters of recommendation.
    Colleges I'm Applying To Once a student loads a school into the "colleges I'm applying to" page under the "colleges" tab, they will be able to determine which schools accept electronic document submissions (of transcripts, and letters of recommendation) by viewing the following icons:
    Common App This is a Common Application school. All transcripts and letters of recommendation and other supporting documents will be transmitted electronically to these schools via the Common App.
    Electronic School This is also an electronic school. If they require a transcript or any other supporting documentation these too can be transmitted electronically via Naviance eDocs.
    Print-mail This is not an electronic school. They require transcripts and supporting documentation to be mailed via USPS. For this kind of school, you must either provide a stamped pre-addressed envelope to the OPHS Registrar, or we can put the transcript and/or letter of recommendation in a sealed envelope for you to pick up and mail yourself.
    Electronic Document Submission
    At OPHS we strive to be on the cutting edge in supporting our students with their applications. To that end, we have been using the NAVIANCE program since 2009 to not only assist parents and students with college research but also to submit documents electronically (i.e. transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc...). NAVIANCE eDocs gives us the ability to transmit documents to the 500+ colleges who use the Common Application, and an additional 1,600+ colleges through Naviance eDocs with deliveries by Parchment Exchange.  
    click hereClick here for more information on how we use Naviance to submit documents such as transcripts and letters of recommendation electronically via Naviance.
    College Research In this section you will find a range of state-of-the-art research tools to help students find the right schools for them. 

    Colleges I'm Thinking About- as students complete their college research and find schools of interest, they can add them to the Colleges I’m Thinking About list in Family Connection. Displays a list of colleges student is interested in, along with application deadlines, expected difficulty, and student's level of interest.


    SuperMatch™ college search- a visually-based search that helps a student find the right fit for college. Students select from a list of college decision factors and rank their importance. As the student makes selections, the best match colleges appear with information about why the college(s) is a good match. Students can save their searches and add colleges to the Colleges I’m Thinking About list from here.


    College Match- this tool uses colleges on the student’s application list and shows colleges that match those colleges. There are three components: Colleges Looking for Students Like You, which compares against students at the high school; Colleges Other Students Like, which compares against students in the Naviance Network;

    Colleges That Have Accepted Students Like You- which compares against students at the high school. Please note that there are many factors which can affect admissions decisions and the results of this search do NOT guarantee in any way whether or not you will be accepted at a particular college. If a particular college never appears in the results, it may be because no one from Oak Park has ever applied to it.


    College Compare- allows students to choose colleges from the Naviance database and compare scores and GPA to students at the school or district who applied to the college. In order for this tool to work, Naviance needs to pull from historical data.


    College Lookupthis tool allows students to find specific colleges by name, by alphabet, by state or by country. From here the student can view the college profile, which has the same valuable information that you can view in Naviance.


    College Search- an advanced search tool that enables students to create searches that focus on college criteria that are important to them, such as school type, location, student admissions, athletics, majors, costs and special programs. Students can save searches.


    College Resources- provides a list of web resources about colleges, financial aid, test prep, college athletics, military and other key topics in the college admissions process.


    College Mapsshows students where colleges are located. The map tool is MapQuest. A visual representation can give students insight into colleges they are interested in. The College Maps tool shows colleges on the map using the College Groups feature in Naviance. It displays maps of colleges from common lists like Ivy League or Common Application.


    Scattergrams- shows students visually their data compared to other students at the school who applied and received results to the same college. If there is not enough data, the scattergram may not show results. In order for this tool to work, Naviance needs to pull from historical data.

    acceptance history Check out these links to see how many OPHS students have applied, been admitted, and are now attending specific colleges and universities around the United States.  We do have comprehensive statistics going back to 2000 at the following hyperlink on our website: Senior Post Graduation Surveys 

    Enrichment Programs- Displays a list of enrichment programs entered in Naviance or those in the Naviance database by browsing by letter or selecting a category or search by keywords. The results can be filtered ordered by name, location, deadline, or last updated. Naviance has a partnership with TeenLife.com, a public database of enrichment programs. You can include this list of programs in addition to your locally managed list.

    Scholarships & Money - in this section students will find a comprehensive scholarship database at the national scholarship search link.

    In this section, students will complete the personality type assessment and the career interest profiler.
    Once students have completed the two assessments they will be able to explore their favorite careers by cluster type.
    About Me
    This section includes surveys that will be required of all students during the senior year: 
    • counselor's recommendation questionnaire  
    • parent questionnaire
    • teacher’s recommendation questionnaires
    • senior survey
    • counselor's task list - This section includes a link to the task list that has been assigned to you by your Counselor, as well as an opportunity for you to set personal goals for yourself.
    Interesting Things About Me:  This section pulls everything together that students have researched for the start of their Senior Year. This section will be their point of reference throughout the Senior Year to monitor the application process from beginning to end. It includes links to:
    • favorite colleges
    • favorite careers and clusters
    • personality type
    • journal
    • game plan
    • resume
    My Account
    • Students can update their contact information & email address at the profile link
    • Students can change their account login at the account link.
    My Planner  
    at a glance: allows you to plan your “to do” items in the following format














    Due dates for any to-do items you add will appear here, and so will any tasks assigned to you.
    due today: You can create goals and to-do items to keep track of things you'd like to work on.
    coming next: You can create goals and to-do items to keep track of things you'd like to work on.

    To Do List To-dos are actions you need to complete. You can relate them to a goal you make or a task that your school has assigned to you. They can also be on their own, which is a good way to keep track of work you need to do or things coming up on your calendar.

    Goals In your success plan, goals can be anything! You can set a goal to make the honor roll or to become an astronaut or anything else you can think of. It's a good idea when you're making a goal to make it something you'll need to work toward. Then, use the "next steps" to break it down into smaller parts like "getting an A in math."

    Tasks Assigned To Me Tasks can be assigned to you by your school counselors and/or teachers. They are pretty important (many are required for the college application process and some can be required to graduate!), so make sure to go through them and make sure you're on track.

    My Tasks

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