“Urban Wildlife” is the theme for the EEAC’s Celebration of Earth Week 2017, and it will actually span across a few weeks in April and May. Students will learn about local wildlife in urban areas and why we see these animals in our neighborhoods. The week will focus on habitat fragmentation, food resources, and shelter and what we can do to protect this balance and coexist.  
    Our activities include:
    • The Cat that Changed America documentary screening on April 20th
    • Urban Wildlife assembly by the National Park Service
    • In-class, hands-on activities for all students
    • Walk to School Wednesday
    • Coin drive for the Santa Monica Mountains Fund to support the purchase of a radio-tracking collar (April 24 – May 5, note drive spans two weeks) 
    The class that raises the most funds will receive an in-class assembly by Wings of Discovery, a non-profit that supports the needs of wild, unreleasable birds, such as great horned owls, kestrels, and screech owls.
    Students will also learn what an urban wildlife food chain is and that animals who feed on poisoned rodents become poisoned in turn. Last year, OPUSD banned the use of rodenticides on all school properties and has implemented preventive measures to control rodents and other pests (mainly by sealing holes to prevent access and keeping tight lids on trash containers). Please take a few moments with your student to go over the Co-Existing with Wildlife Checklist (below) to learn what your family can do to prevent and humanely treat rodent issues, and be sure to remove rodenticide boxes from your homes 
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