All forms pertaining to facility use and event resource requests are posted below.
    The forms are available for download, click the link and your download will begin. 



    - Application forms for facility use may be obtained at the school site of the proposed use.


    - Applications, if approved, shall be valid for a period not to exceed one school year (July 1 – June 30).

    Applications for use in a specific school year will not be accepted for processing before January 1st of      the preceding school year.
    The completed application for use of school facilities must be submitted to the office manager of the site requested. The site administrator shall be responsible for approval of any facility use request at his/her location, and shall sign the request form to indicate his/her approval or disapproval of the request, and will forward the use request to the District’s business office for processing. 
    The office manager must be notified if there is any change of times or dates requested.





    Upon approval of use by the site administrator, fees will be assigned by the business office in accordance with Board-approved rates. The applicant shall be invoiced for the proposed use, and all fees must be paid in full at least 15 days prior to the use. Failure to pay fees will result in the denial of the facility use request.


    Upon receipt of full payment, the business office shall notify the applicant of the approval of its facility use request.




    A Certificate of Insurance AND Endorsement verifying public liability and property damage insurance shall be presented BEFORE permission is granted for use of OPUSD facilities.  For any recreational use, or for any use for which a fair rental fee is charged the amount of insurance shall be $1,000,000.  For all other uses, the amount of insurance shall be $500,000 against a claim of personal injury and $100,000 against a claim of property damage.  Insurance shall name Oak Park Unified School District as an additional insured on a separate endorsement and shall be senior to any other insurance carried by OPUSD.



    Groups shall be responsible for the condition in which they leave the facilities.  If school property is damaged or abused beyond normal wear, the costs of repair or replacement shall be paid for by the organization involved.  Organizations not complying with all rules and regulations will be denied further use of school facilities.



    If you have any questions concerning facilities use please contact Annette Segal at asegal@opusd.org