Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

  • What is MTSS? 

    Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is a responsive and proactive support system for all students. It is a process that provides high-quality, research-based instruction based on student needs.

  • OPUSD's MTSS Program

    OPUSD uses Illuminate Education's Fastbridge platform to universally screen students in grades K-8 in math and reading.  A team of educators and paraprofessionals review the screening data, along with classroom data, to identify students needing additional math and/or reading support.  Our teams provide high-quality, evidence-based targeted interventions based on specific student needs.

  • Key Principals of MTSS

    • Universally screen ALL students multiple times per year
    • Intervene early
    • Use a multi-tiered model of targeted support
    • Match research-based interventions and instruction to the student's needs
    • Use progress monitoring data for decision making
    • Employ practices to ensure that interventions are implemented consistently and correctly
    • Share student progress with families, the MTSS team, and the classroom teacher
  • Benefits of MTSS

    • Improves education for ALL students
    • Pro-actively provides targeted support to individual student needs
    • Data-based decision making to support student success
    • Encourages collaboration among educational partners
  • Key MTSS Terms


    • The primary purpose of universal screening is to identify students at risk of academic difficulty who would benefit from a skills-based intervention.



    • Tier 1 (ALL students) - consists of the differentiated core curriculum and should meet the needs of most students
    • Tier 2 (some risk) - supplemental support aimed to provide targeted intervention for students needing specific skill development in a small group setting
    • Tier 3 (high risk) - supplemental support aimed to provide intensive intervention for students needing specific skill development in a smaller group or individual setting 



    • quick, frequent, repeated assessments used to determine student growth in the intervention
  • What is the role of the parent/guardian in MTSS?

    Parents play a critical role in supporting what their children are learning in school. Research is clear that the more parents are involved in student learning, the higher the student achievement. Parents can be involved in the process by communicating any concerns to the child’s teacher, providing insight into their child’s learning and development, and assisting with identified interventions at home.