Brad Benioff


    Director of Student Support and School Safety


    Contact Information:

    Student support, school safety, social and emotional well-being, mental health, and security for all students and staff are of the utmost concern and highest priority for OPUSD.   Prevention and preparation are foremost to our mission; consistently working to prevent or limit hazards to students and staff, while being fully prepared in case of an emergency. Communications, staff training, parent information, and programs at schools are ongoing throughout the year.  The Safety and Security Task Force and the Safe Kids Task Force are district-wide committees that meet regularly to review and address topics relating to student support and school safety.  In addition, OPUSD is a fully inclusive district, where all students are welcome and celebrated. To this end, we have ongoing Equity work, coordinated through our Diversity and Equity Task Force.  OPUSD regularly conducts emergency-related drills (Lockdowns, Fire, Earthquake) to make sure all parties know proper procedures to follow in order to protect our students to our greatest ability.  OPUSD has the greatest counselor-to-student ratio in Ventura County and believes counselors are one of the key foundations to creating a welcoming school for all students.   
    Student support also is found through special programs, our new Wellness Center programs, College and Career readiness, support for homeless families, and attendance concerns are all areas within this department.