English Language Advisory Committee

    Welcome to the District English Language Advisory Committee. We now have all our members, and they are listed below. Our meeting schedule for the year will be at 1:00 PM at the District Office.

    Meeting Dates

    October 10, 2016
    January 23, 2017
    April 17, 2017

    Members and Site Location 

    District Office Director
    Jay Greenlinger, Ed.D.
    Board Member 
    Barbara Laifman 
    Brookside Elementary School
    Linda Schweitz
    Red Oak Elementary School
    Jodie Reiss
    Oak Hills Elementary School
    Sloane Powers
    Medea Creek Middle School
    Janeen Hughes
    Oak Park High School
    Susan D'Ascoli
    Oak View High School
    Susan D'Ascoli

    Oak Park Independent School
    Susan D'Ascoli

    English Language Development Program Improvement Plan Information