Math Analysis and Calculus BC


    Math Analysis:   They will be used to investigate complicated graphs and large calculations.  Additionally the graphing calculators are an important tool in subsequent mathematics courses (Calculus and Statistics).  Calculators will be available for use in the room.
    Calculus: Graphing calculators are used for the entire course and the AP exam.  Calculators will be available for use in the room.

    I will be conducting lessons using a TI-84 CE.  Other TI models are very good as well.  TI-84 has similar buttons to the TI-83.  They range in price from $80-$150.  I am less familiar with the TI-89 and TI-nspire.  Therefore, if you purchase either of those models, you will be on your own.  Below is a link to AP's guidelines for calculators.  When purchasing a calculator consider what your AP Science teacher recommends as well.

    2021 Update: If you are purchasing a new calculator and considering a STEM major, you may want to consider the TI-84 CE-T Python.  It has a faster processor and can be programmed with the Python language.  Here's a link to TI webpage showing cool features.  Here's a link to where to buy the Python (and all the cool colors:  Where to Buy TI 84 Python

    Another Link comparing calculators: http://www.ticalc.org/basics/calculators/index.html 


    Scientific Calculators are required.  Class sets of calculators will be provided on test days.  Calculators will be available for use in the room.

    Graphing calculators and cell phone calculators will NOT be allowed in these classes.

    Recommended calculators can be purchased at most major office stores and discount stores (Target/Wal-Mart).  Their prices range from about $10-$20.  I recommend the Texas Instruments brand for durability and cost, but similar Casio and Sharp calculators are acceptable.  Listed below are the recommended calculators for both classes:

    TI-30 XA
    TI-30XIIS (Highest Recommendation)

    TI-34 (Not recommended)
    other TI's in the 30 series.

    Look for the following functions: SIN, COS, TAN (or TRIG button), square root and square button, LN and LOG, other nice buttons include a cube root button and cube button.  The calculators listed above include these.