The following links are helpful for a myriad of Spanish language information

    -For practicing in the Spanish One, Two or Three text:

    www.mcdougallittell.com , then go to the Class Zone for En Español, levels one, two or three.  Please note that there is also an optional CD that can be purchased for each of these levels, and this CD extends considerably the range of drill and practice options.

    -To access the largest and most authoritative website for the Spanish language, the Real academia espaňola:


    -These sites are great for reviewing your verb constructions. You may need to set up a user name and an account, but the service is free.

    -This goes right to the AP website and provides links to help you with the exam.



    -This site can provide you with help in pinning down and getting help for problem areas that you are having in preparing for the AP test.