Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q: How do I sign up for the Weekly eNews?

    A: OPHS weekly eNews bulletins are published and distributed once a week (generally Sunday evenings) with brief reminders, updates, and save-the-date information. Look for the Sign-up button on the right-hand side of the OPHS home page.

    Q: How do I get a Student Directory?

    A: You will need to be a member of the PFA to get a printed directory. The membership is $35. You may sign up to be a member of our online directory - MySchoolAnywhere

    Q: What is the “No Frills Fundraiser?”

    A: The OPHS PFA supports the staff and students in many ways. In our annual No Frills Fundraiser campaign we recommend a $250/student donation to cover the important programs we support. You can donate anytime throughout the year at

    Q: What is MySchoolAnywhere (MSA)?

    A: For information about MSA, click here.

    Q: Why should I come to a PFA meeting?

    A: Even if you think that you don't want to volunteer for anything, you will still benefit if you attend the monthly PFA meetings. They are very informative. Principal Buchanan attends our meetings to let us know what is going on at school and to answer questions and to listen to suggestions. You can also meet other high school parents that share your concerns about our children's education.

    Q: What is the PFA?

    A: The PFA or Parent Faculty Association, is a group of parents and faculty who work together to provide volunteer support and funding to our school. The money we raise goes directly to the needs of our classrooms and our campus. PFA parent volunteers work with our faculty and administrators behind the scenes to further enhance our children's education. 

    Q: What does the PFA Fund?

    A: The PFA funds many activities.  Every dollar collected stays within our own school for the support of EACH and EVERY student. Here are a few examples of funding during the 2016/2017 school year: Textbooks and equipment for many departments, annual subscriptions in excess of $14,000 for the technology department, Naviance software, plagiarism software, etc., over $5,000 in Senior Awards and scholarships, $3,000 for the Choir Accompanist, plus support for the Safe Schools Ambassador program, Teacher Conferences, support for Mock Trial and AcaDeca Teams and more.

    Q: What classes does the PFA organize?

    A: PFA organizes college entrance preparation classes several times throughout the school year as a fundraiser. Classes include mock exams for the SAT and ACT, an eight-hour strategy course taught over a weekend known as a "boot camp," and the ever-popular College Application Personal Statement Writing Seminar taught by OPHS English teacher, Dr. Kathy Schultheis. 

    Q: Where can I get more College information?

    A: Look for the tab on the Oak Park High School's Home Page called "College Information." Also at the OPHS Home Page, under Site Short Cuts, click on the College & Career Center link.