Ordering OPHS Transcripts

  • Transcripts Some important details to know about transcripts
    • The OPHS Counselors must meet with students before they submit their first transcript order. This is to ensure transcripts are being ordered correctly and to make sure they aren't being ordered for schools that do not require them.  Once the student’s counselor has reviewed the process with them and signed off on the first order, it is not necessary to get approval for subsequent orders.
    • Most UC & CSU campuses do not require transcripts at the time you apply.However, many CSU's have begun situationally asking for them so you should always double-check to make sure.
    • Most private/independent colleges and universities will require an official high school transcript (through 6 semesters) as part of their application process. 
    • Most Junior Colleges will require an official high school transcript as part of their application process.
    • Many scholarship applications will also require an official transcript.
    • February will be the month when most private/independent schools require students to send Mid-Year Grade reports (i.e. 7th-semester transcripts). Some state schools may also request transcripts at this time if they are seeking supplemental information.
    • Once you commit to attending a school you will be asked to send a final (8 semester) transcript to that school!

    Naviance Family Connection
    Check the “colleges I’m applying to” page in Naviance to determine what kind of document transmission format your school(s) prefer.


    Common App This is a Common App school and will require a mid-year transcript. All transcripts will be transmitted electronically to these schools. Please indicate (ED) on the order form next to the schools/destinations that will be sent electronically.


    Electronic School This is an electronic school. If they require a transcript or any other supporting documentation it can be transmitted electronically via Naviance eDocs. Please indicate (ED) on the order form next to the schools/destinations that will be sent electronically.


    Print-mail This is not an electronic school. If they require a transcript or other supporting documentation it must be mailed via USPS. If your school or destination is not on the Naviance eDocs list then you may either provide a stamped pre-addressed envelope to the Registrar, or we will put the transcript in a sealed envelope for you to pickup and mail yourself. Please review the items at the bottom of the page for this option. pasting. Please indicate (PA) or (H) on the order form next to the schools/destinations that will require transcripts in sealed envelopes.

    (PDF) Please indicate (PDF) with the instructions to email the transcript to you. PDF copies of your transcript are for any organization/program that is asking for a PDF copy of my transcript. PDF transcripts are unofficial, so you should always discuss this option with your Counselor before ordering it.
    If this transcript is for the NCAA please make sure you list the NCAA on our Transcript Request form and provide your clearinghouse registration number.
    arrow Transcript Fees - to be paid at the OPHS Student Store:
    $2 for an unofficial transcript
    $5 for an emergency unofficial transcript (requests ready within 48-72 hours)  
    $5 for an official transcript – all current students & alumni (with 2 weeks’ notice)
    $10 for an official transcript (with less than 2 weeks’ notice)                      
    $20 for an emergency official transcript (requests ready within 48-72 hours) 


    Check the option(s) that apply to your transcript order.
     ____ I have reviewed the electronic transmission information above and understand that my transcript will be submitted electronically. Please indicate (ED) below next to the schools/NCAA destinations that will be sent electronically.
    ____ Hold in the Counseling Office for me to pick-up. I understand that I am responsible for picking up and mailing the transcript(s). Please indicate (H) below next to the schools/destinations that you want your transcript “held’ for.
    ____ Please mail my transcript(s) and any other related documents in the pre-addressed, stamped envelope(s) I have provided to the OPHS Registrar. I understand that I am responsible for putting the correct mailing address and postage on the envelope(s). I will leave the return address blank on the envelopes I provide. Please indicate (PA) below next to the schools/destinations that you have provided pre-addressed, stamped envelopes for.
    ____ Give transcript(s) to my Counselor as part of my college/scholarship/summer program application(s). I have discussed this option with my Counselor. Please indicate (C) below next to the schools/destinations that you want to be given to your Counselor.
    • Please list all the schools, NCAA and/or other destinations you want transcripts for below.
    • Make sure to include the corresponding code (ED, H, PA or C) for each item.
    • For the NCAA please provide your Clearinghouse registration number.
    1. _______________________________ 6._________________________________


    2. _______________________________ 7._________________________________


    3. _______________________________ 8. ________________________________


    4. _______________________________ 9. ________________________________


    5. _______________________________ 10. _______________________________
    arrow Download/Print the form below, complete it and take it with you to the Student Store to pay for your transcripts.
    arrow Seniors, for initial transcript orders this form is part of your required "Counselor's Meeting". Your counselor must review and sign-off on your transcript requests before you take the form to the Student Store to pay. 

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)


    arrow Something new on the Transcript order form this year is the completion of the "FERPA" waiver. In the past, we simply asked students to complete this in Naviance, but the release of records authorization process has now been moved to the Common Application. Since many of our students will not be applying to colleges that use the Common Applications or will be ordering transcripts for other purposes (i.e. scholarships, NCAA etc...), we will now be including the following release authorization language on all transcript order forms.
    • The questions you will see below relate to your educational records. The first pertains to the transmission of your educational records from your secondary school(s) to the colleges to which you are applying. The second concerns your right of access to confidential letters of recommendation. Under the terms of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), you can review recommendations and accompany forms if you are age 18 or older or upon enrollment at a postsecondary institution provided that institution saves the documents. You may, however, waive this right of access altogether.
    • Why should you consider waiving your right of access? Waiving your right lets colleges know that you will never try to read your recommendations. That, in turn, reassures colleges that your recommenders have provided support that is candid and truthful. While you are free to respond as you wish, if you choose not to waive your right, some recommenders may decline your request, and some colleges may disregard recommendations submitted on your behalf. 
    • After you make your selection about whether you want to waive your right of access, you will be able to invite your recommenders. Once you make the first invitation, you will not be able to change your waiver selection. To ensure that you fully understand the implications of your decision, we urge you not to answer the waiver question until you have consulted with your counselor, another school official, or your parent/legal guardian.

    I have fully read and understood the FERPA Release Authorization explanation above

    ❑ I authorize Oak Park High School to release all requested records and recommendations to colleges to which I am applying for admission. I also authorize employees at these colleges to confidentially contact my current and former schools should they have questions about the information submitted on my behalf

    Please select one:

    ❑ I waive my right to review all recommendations and supporting documents submitted by me or on my behalf. 

    ❑ I DO NOT waive my right to review all recommendations and supporting documents submitted by me or on my behalf.

    If you do not waive your right please check below:

    ❑ I have chosen not to waive my right to review my recommendations and supporting documents. I understand that my decision may lead my counselors or teachers to decline to write recommendations on my behalf. I also understand that my decision may lead colleges to disregard any recommendations submitted on my behalf.


    ❑ I understand that my waiver or no waiver selection above pertains to all colleges, scholarships, NCAA or other entities to which I am applying.


    For questions please email our Registrar, Kim Randall at: krandall@opusd.org
     Or, via telephone at: 818-735-3310

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Last Modified on February 6, 2019