• Fall 2019-2020 College Visits to the OPHS College & Career Center (Room C-6)


    Be sure to check your NAVIANCE list of college visits!!! Or refer to the College & Career Center's online Bulletin and/or Calendar.

    These listings will be updated almost daily now through the end of the fall semester so keep checking often! You don't want to miss meeting with an admissions counselor from a college or university that interests you!

    OPHS college visits are generally scheduled during the following timeslots: 8 a.m. before school; 10:05 - 10:25 a.m. during nutrition; 12:05 - 12:50 p.m. during lunch; or 2:25-3:10pm p.m. during 7th period.

    Unless otherwise indicated, all college visits will be held in the College & Career Center (Room C-6). All grade-level students are encouraged to attend these meetings.  See Mrs. Friedman in C-6 if you have questions.


    Wed. 8/14 at 12:05pm: University of Alabama

    Mon. 8/26 at 10:05am: University of New Mexico

    Wed. 8/28 at 2:25pm: Syracuse

    Tues. 9/3 at 12:05pm*: University of Utah and Johns Hopkins

    Tues. 9/3 at 2:25pm: The Ohio State University

    Wed. 9/4 at 10:05am: Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)

    Wed. 9/4 at 12:05pm*: Academy of Art and Colorado State

    Wed. 9/4 at 2:25pm*: Gonzaga 

    Thurs. 9/5 at 8am*: Texas Christian University (TCU) and Oregon State

    Thurs. 9/5 at 12:05pm*: University of Michigan and Mass School of Pharmacy

    Thurs. 9/5 at 2:25pm*: George Mason and University of CO-Boulder

    Tues. 9/10 at 8am: University of Oregon

    Tues. 9/10 at 10:05am: University of Dayton

    Tues. 9/10 at 2:25pm*: High Point University and University of Pittsburgh

    Wed. 9/11 at 8am*: Hawaii Pacific and Vanderbilt

    Wed. 9/11 at 10:05am: University of the Pacific

    Wed. 9/11 at 12:05pm: Texas Tech

    Wed. 9/11 at 2:25pm*: Concordia and University of Tampa

    Thurs. 9/12 at 8am: Sarah Lawrence

    Thurs. 9/12 at 10:05am: University of Maryland

    Thurs. 9/12 at 2:25pm*: Villanova and U of Puget Sound

    Fri. 9/13 at 8am: Landmark

    Fri. 9/13 at 10:05am: University of Hawaii-Manoa

    Fri. 9/13 at 12:05pm: UC-San Diego

    Mon. 9/16 at 10:05am: Boston University (BU)

    Mon. 9/16 at 2:25pm*: Harvey Mudd & IDC Herzliya (International)

    Tues. 9/17 at 10:05am: FIDM

    Tues. 9/17 at 2:25pm*: Baylor and DePaul

    Wed. 9/18 at 8am: New York University (NYU)

    Wed. 9/18 at 10:05am: Albion

    Wed. 9/18 at 12:05pm: Sierra Nevada

    Wed. 9/18 at 2:25pm*: George Washington and Tufts

    Thurs. 9/19 at 2:25pm*: Pepperdine and Kansas State

    Fri. 9/20 at 2:25pm: Penn State 

    Mon. 9/23 at 10:05am: UC-Merced

    Mon. 9/23 at 2:25pm*: Drexel and University of Missouri

    Tues. 9/24 at 8am: University of Iowa

    Tues. 9/24 at 10:05am: University of Vermont

    Tues. 9/24 at 12:05pm: Texas A&M

    Tues. 9/24 at 2:25pm*: University of Miami and University of Minnesota

    Wed. 9/25 at 10:05am*: The New School and University of Washington  

    Wed. 9/25 at 12:05pm: University of CA-Santa Barbara (UCSB)

    Wed. 9/25 at 2:25pm*: University of Redlands and Washington State

    Thurs. 9/26 at 2:40pm: Colorado College

    Fri. 9/27 at 12:05pm: U of Florida

    Fri. 9/27 at 2:25pm: University of Connecticut (UConn)

    Tues. 10/1 at 8am: U of Montana

    Tues. 10/1 at 10:05am: Suffolk University

    Tues. 10/1 at 2:25pm*: Dartmouth and Tulane

    Wed. 10/2 at 8am*: Cal Lutheran and Oklahoma State

    Wed. 10/2 at 2:25pm: St. Lawrence

    Thurs. 10/3 at 10:05am: Virginia Commonwealth

    Thurs. 10/3 at 2:25pm: Wash U. of St. Louis

    Mon. 10/7 at 8am: Miami of Ohio

    Mon. 10/7 at 10:05am: Assumption

    Mon. 10/7 at 2:25pm*: Merrimack and University of Chicago

    Tues. 10/8 at 8am: Case Western

    Tues. 10/8 at 10:05am: UC-Santa Cruz

    Tues. 10/8 at 12:05pm: UC-Davis

    Tues. 10/8 at 2:25pm: Chapman

    Thurs. 10/10 at 8am: Iowa State

    Thurs. 10/10 at 10:05am: Willamette

    Thurs. 10/10 at 2:25pm: Indiana University

    Fri. 10/11 at 2:25pm*: Butler and University of Kansas

    Mon. 10/14 at 2:25pm*: Ithaca and Pacific Lutheran

    Tues. 10/15 at 2:25pm*: Arizona State University (ASU)

    Wed. 10/16 at 8am*: Arcadia and U of Notre Dame

    Wed. 10/16 at 10:05am: Hamilton

    Wed. 10/16 at 2:25pm: Clark

    Thurs. 10/17 at 8am: Mount Saint Mary's

    Thurs. 10/17 at 12:05pm: Furman

    Thurs. 10/17 at 2:25pm: Purdue

    Fri. 10/18 at 10:05am: Southern Methodist University (SMU)

    Mon. 10/21 at 8am: University of New Hampshire (UNH)

    Mon. 10/21 at 10:05am: Emory University

    Mon. 10/21 at 12:05pm: University of Illinois

    Mon. 10/21 at 2:25pm*: Dominican and U of Evansville

    Tues. 10/22 at 2:25pm*: Linfield and Southeastern University

    Wed. 10/23 at 8am: Grand Canyon University

    Wed. 10/23 at 10:05am: Gettysburg

    Wed. 10/23 at 2:25pm*: Arizona State (ASU) and University of Alabama-Birmingham

    Thurs. 10/24 at 8am: Portland State

    Thurs. 10/24 at 2:25pm*: Ohio Wesleyan and Santa Clara University

    Tues. 10/29 at 8am: Occidental

    Tues. 10/29 at 10:05am: American University

    Wed. 10/30 at 8am: Boise State (To be rescheduled, if possible)

    Wed. 10/30 at 10:05am: Seton Hall University (To be rescheduled, if possible)

    Wed. 10/30 at 12:05pm: University of Oregon (To be rescheduled, if possible)

    Wed. 10/30 at 2:25pm*: Azusa Pacific (rescheduled for 11/12) and Lawrence (To be rescheduled, if possible)

    Thurs. 10/31 at 10:05am: University of Southern CA (USC) (Rescheduled for 11/12)

    Thurs. 10/31 at 12:05pm: U of Denver (To be rescheduled, if possible)

    Thurs. 10/31 at 2:25pm*: Lynn University and University of San Francisco (USF) (To be rescheduled, if possible)

    Mon. 11/4 at 2:25pm*: Rutgers and St. Mary's

    Mon. 11/4 at 3:10pm: University of Delaware

    Wed. 11/6 at 2:25pm: Michigan State

    Thurs. 11/7 at 8am: UCLA

    Tues. 11/12 at 10:05am: Azusa Pacific

    Tues. 11/12 at 2:25pm: University of Southern CA (USC)

    Thurs. 11/14 at 10am: Marymount College 

    Tues. 11/19 at 12:05pm: U of Oregon

    Thurs. 11/21 at 2:25pm: U of LaVerne

    Tues. 12/3 at 10:05am: U of Louisville


    *=More than 1 college visit




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