• Clothing drive
    OPUSD is again partnering with organizations in downtown Los Angeles to provide used school supplies to their neediest students. Try to imagine not even having a pencil to do your schoolwork! That’s exactly what these children are facing - most don’t have ANY supplies at home, so anything they receive from organizations like us helps them immensely!

    For many years, the EEAC has collected unwanted supplies from elementary classrooms. We have expanded our program to include supplies from your homes as well. If you have old school supplies you have wanted to part with, but didn’t know how now’s the time! There will be a collection bin at the front of all elementary schools on Wednesday and Thursday of the last week of school. We will gladly take any of the following:

    • Crayons, pencils, pens, colored pencils, markers
    • Erasers, rulers, scissors, sharpeners, glue sticks, calculators
    • Spiral notebooks, binders, folders, paper, colored paper, book covers
    • Paint sets, art supplies, pencil boxes/zipper cases
    • Backpacks, book bags, reusable lunch boxes

    Students from the “Our Future Club” at OPHS will be sorting the supplies. It will help immensely if you place similar items in their own Ziploc bags and check that they are in good working condition. 

    And, while you’re cleaning out closets and drawers looking for school supplies, you might also take the opportunity to go through your clothing, too. During the last two weeks in May, USAgain, our partner for clothing donations, will pay us double the normal amount per pound for all clothing donations placed in the bright green USAgain bins, located on all campuses. They accept clothing, shoes, handbags, rugs, blankets, etc.

    Happy Spring Cleaning!
    Questions? Contact EEAC Chairperson Keyla Treitman at ktreitman@sbcglobal.net