Oak Park Graduation Requirements

    OPHS Graduation Requirements (Class of 2021 and beyond)

    The following are the minimum course requirements that must be satisfied in order to graduate from Oak Park High School. Our local board of education has established a total of 230 credits as the requirement for graduation from the Oak Park Unified School District. Please note that courses can only be used once to meet requirements. 

    ENGLISH - (40 credits) Four years including English I, II, III and IV. 

    HISTORY/SOCIAL SCIENCE - (35 credits) Three and one-half years including: World Geography, World History, U.S. History, Government, and Economics. 

    MATH - (30 credits) Three years including: Algebra and Geometry. 

    SCIENCE - (30 credits) Including Biological and Physical Science 

    PHYSICAL EDUCATION - (20 credits) Two years of P.E. All or part of the PE requirement may be earned through a PE class, or through a student’s successful participation in a school-sponsored interscholastic athletic team, including Marching Band, Color Guard, Drumline, Cheer, Stunt, and Dance Teams. 

    CAREER TECH ED OR VISUAL & PERFORMING ARTS OR WORLD LANGUAGES - (10 credits) One year: The high school requirement may be met through any combination of 10 credit courses listed in our Career Tech Ed (CTE), Visual and Performing Arts (VPA), or World Language departments. 
    For students attending colleges in the UC/CSU system, the VPA requirement is a year-long class in a single emphasis area (e.g., visual arts, instrumental music, drama, choral music), and the World Language requirement is two years in a single language (e.g. ASL, Chinese, French, or Spanish).

    HEALTH - (5 credits) One semester of Health. 

    GENERAL ELECTIVES - (60 credits) In addition to the requirements above, students must complete 60 credits of electives to meet the graduation credit total. Any courses not used to meet prescribed graduation requirements may be used to meet the general elective requirement, including additional academic courses.

    TOTAL - (230 CREDITS)

Last Modified on February 28, 2023