• Oak Park High School



    CLASS OF 2010

    Alyssa Barglowski - Honors

    Jared Brown – Highest Honors

    Andrew Chen - Highest Honors

    Jason Chen - Highest Honors

    William Conner – High Honors

    Dana Dechene – Distinction

    Shannon Eu - Highest Honors

    Calvin Fong - Highest Honors

    Jamie Kosberg - Highest Honors

    Sundee Olson – Honors

    Ishan Puri - Highest Honors

    Xiaotian Qin - Highest Honors

    Danielle Rosove – High Honors

    Danielle Snyder – High Honors

    Erica Soultanian - Highest Honors

    Stephanie Soultanian - Highest Honors

    Rebecca Varley – High Honors

    Julie Wang - Highest Honors

    Sha-ron Almog – Honors

    Leigh Ben-Zvy – Honors

    Gabriella Bruno – High Honors

    Tanner Byers – Distinction

    Raymond Ching – High Honors

    Katherine Eng - Highest Honors

    Scott Frey – High Honors

    Danielle Gold – Honors

    Brett Hall – High Honors

    Brenna Hennessey – High Honors

    Alison Kafka – Honors

    Adam Kapitz – Distinction

    Eric Koons – High Honors

    Asaf Kraus – High Honors

    Andrew Lerman – High Honors

    Wendy Li - Highest Honors

    Ziangxin-Olive Liu - Highest Honors

    Jacqueline Mansky – High Honors

    Collin Mayemura - Highest Honors

    Tara Mueller – High Honors

    Cody Nakamura – High Honors

    Jasmin Omran – High Honors

    Meira Prescher - Highest Honors

    Brian Reilly - Highest Honors

    Jessica Reints - Highest Honors

    Marissa Saravis - Highest Honors 

    Jonalyn Saxer – High Honors

    Rachel Schall – High Honors

    Nicole Toczauer - Highest Honors

    Henry Velasquez – High Honors

    Molly Weinstein – High Honors

    Ryan Wiese – Distinction

    Yee Ting Wu - Highest Honors

    John Zeolla – High Honors



    Elizabeth Beard – High Honors

    Alison Berman – Distinction

    Alexander Block – Distinction

    Jenna Blumenfeld – Honors

    Hilary Brown – High Honors

    Alexandra Carroll – Honors

    Christina Collins – Honors

    Alexander Colquhoun – Honors

    Alexandra Corley - Highest Honors

    Elizabeth Eng – Honors

    Melanie Friedman – Honors

    Chloe Fries – Honors

    James Goldstein – Honors

    Bar Hadari – Honors

    Sydney Hoffman – Honors

    Jared Holland – Honors

    Ben Idan – Distinction

    Rachel Isaacson – High Honors

    Tayler Johnson – Honors

    Aubrey Jones – High Honors

    Erica Kim – Honors

    Jamie Lebowitz – Honors

    Alexander Lee – Honors

    Omer Levy – Honors

    Laura Miller - Highest Honors

    Kathleen Phan – Distinction

    Sean Reasner - Highest Honors

    Hilary Ribons - Highest Honors

    Sarah Rubinstein - Highest Honors

    Kaylee Sachs

    Sabrina Schwartz – Distinction

    Chelsea Toczauer - Highest Honors

    Ariel Urban – Honors

    Sarah Yan - Highest Honors


    S=Summa Cum Laude - meaning “with the highest praise” is the highest recognition awarded at graduation.  To graduate summa cum laude, a student must achieve a 3.90 or higher grade point average on a 4.00 scale.

    M=Magna Cum Laude – meaning “with great praise” is the second highest recognition awarded at graduation.  To qualify for magna cum laude, a student must achieve a 3.70 – 3.89 grade point average on a 4.00 scale.

    C=Cum Laude – meaning “with praise” is the third recognition awarded at graduation.  To qualify for cum laude, a student must achieve a 3.50 – 3.69 grade point average on a 4.00 scale.


      * = With Highest Honors for 16+ semesters of Honors/AP courses

    HH = With High Honors for 11-15.5 semesters of Honors/AP courses

      H  = With Honors for 6-10.5 semesters of Honors/AP courses

      D  = With Distinction for .5-5.5 semesters of Honors/AP courses



    • Must have a minimum 3.5 unweighted GPA to qualify for any of the Honors levels.
    • Honors course semesters count as .5, and AP semesters count as 1