Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

    Mission Statement: The mission of Oak Park High School is to provide a relevant world-class educational experience that instills a desire for life-long learning and develops the intellectual, social, physical, emotional and cultural foundations necessary for students to reach their individual potential.

    Schoolwide Learner Outcomes: The school community is charged with the task of taking students from where they are, adding value to what they already know and building on what they are able to do.  Our primary role as educators is to create a learning environment where students become lifelong learners and valuable contributors to society.  To achieve these outcomes, students must demonstrate a mastery of academic content, exhibit high levels of critical thinking and produce high quality work.  In addition, students should develop the individual and collective personal qualities that contribute to an effective learning community and a healthy society.

    Oak Park High School prepares its graduates to be:

    1.  Academic Achievers who:

    • Demonstrate a working knowledge and understanding of the academic standards

    • Practice good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to communicate learning

    • Show an ability to use knowledge in flexible and new ways

    • Exhibit continuing growth in meeting academic standards of the curriculum

    2.  Critical Thinkers who:

    • Apply complex problem-solving strategies to meaningful tasks

    • Analyze, integrate and evaluate concepts within various contexts

    • Synthesize information from multiple sources to ask questions, define problems and identify complexities and discrepancies

    • Transfer learned skills to new situations

    3.  Quality Producers who:

    • Adhere to standards of excellence in all facets of their education

    • Use technology to enhance their work

    • Demonstrate creativity and original thinking

    • Understand and apply connections between disciplines  

    4.  Self-Directed Learners who:

    • Set, pursue and accomplish realistic, yet challenging goals for themselves

    • Exhibit self-motivation, self-discipline and self-evaluation

    • Overcome obstacles through the application of learned strategies and work habits

    • Display independent, collaborative and flexible learning styles

    5.  School Community Contributors who:

    • Demonstrate high standards of honesty, integrity, and respect in all settings

    • Exhibit responsible digital citizenship and appropriate use of social media

    • Establish and maintain positive and respectful interpersonal relationships

    • Contribute time, energy and talent to improve the quality of life in the school

    6.  Healthy and Productive Members of Society who

    • Maintain balance in their lives

    • Engage in practices that promote a healthy emotional and physical life style

    • Possess strong self-advocacy skills

    • Acquire self-knowledge through personal introspection

Last Modified on October 20, 2014