Photo of Ms. O'Hagan
    Maureen O'Hagan
    7th Grade Science
     Phone: 818-707-7922
                    Room: C-18 

    Welcome 7th Grade Students & Parents!
     This is going to be an amazing year full of hands-on experiments, critical thinking and lots of fun! Look below for tips and tricks to help you have a successful year: 
    • The "Daily Class Supplies" link to the left will let you know what you need to bring to class daily.
    • The "Daily Updates & Homework" link to the left is where to go to find out what is happening in class. It contains a run down of what was covered in class, details on HW assignments, and upcoming tests and deadlines! 
    • Use the "Notebook Table of Contents" link to make sure your Sinq Notebooks are up to date!
    • There are also tips on how to succeed in Science this year along with needed materials. 
    • Check QConnect often so you can stay on top of your grades. 
    • Students are responsible for tracking down what they missed if absent! Always check the Daily Updates & HW page to help you figure it out! :-)
    Please note that I am not the only "M. O'Hagan" teaching at Medea Creek this year. If you or your parents need to email me, you will need to add my middle initial, "A," into the address for it to reach me: maohagan@opusd.org. 
    Good luck!
    Maureen O'Hagan