This composition notebook will be used as an interactive science notebook. It will keep you organized and contain most papers, notes, worksheets, etc. You must also maintain a supply of loose-leaf paper in the event of needing extra paper as NO pages may be torn out of your notebook. Be sure to bring your workbook to class every day as well. 



    You should have with you at all times: 3 pens (2 blue or black, 1 red for correcting), pencils, colored pencils, an eraser, a glue stick, scissors, and tape.

    Tape and/or glue are VITAL to your success in science class. EVERY DAY in class, you will need to physically attach handouts into your interactive composition notebook. Students that do not use class time to attach the handouts tend to loose papers, get disorganized and then eventually earn lower grades. 



    The day’s agenda, including homework and due dates, is posted daily. Students will copy the day’s homework into their student agenda book when they come into class. Up coming events (tests, quizzes, labs) are posted in advance underneath homework. Students are encouraged to write these important dates down in their agenda books. Homework and test dates can also be found on my staff page.