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    Science News/Articles

    Interactive Biology
    This site has a lot of interactive games from cells to photosynthesis. Great place to study and test yourself on what you know.

    Cells Games and Quizzes!
    Interactive way to learn about plant, animal and bacteria cell. It has quizzes too!

    What did a Trex taste like?
    This is a great site to review for the Chapter 7 test.

    Who Wants to Live a Million Years!
    Try to see if you can survive a million years. Remember the more diverse and the more variations you have the better you can adapt to changes.

    Great site to use for studying. Students can make their own account and make virtual flashcards! There are also quizzes and diagrams to help students study.

    Brain Pop
    Great source to watch videos and to take short quizzes. Wonderful site to use as a study resource.

    Science Buddies
    This site is great for Science Fair. It offers 100s of experiments and research to help through the process of doing a Science Fair Project! Need help finding a topic? Check out this site!

    Kids Ahead
    This site has games and links to other sites. Anything you want to know about Science you can find here. Explore and have fun!

    CSI: The Experience
    Did you enjoy the Forensic Science Lesson? Check out this site to learn more Forensic Science and to solve cases.

    Science News for Kids
    SNK offers timely, interesting news stories and features, accompanied by suggestions for hands-on activities, books, articles, and web resources. It attracts nearly four million visitors annually. Younger and older visitors enjoy its pages.

    If you love Science check out this site! It has interesting articles on animals, plants, environmental science and much more!