• IRP (Independent Reading Program)
    soul book  
    •  This year's 7th and 8th-grade students are not participating in the AR Program.
    • The objective of the Independent Reading Program is simply for students to always have a book to read and to find pleasure in reading.  There are no tests associated with this program.  Rather, students should focus on selecting books of interest and sharing their love of reading with others.
    • Students are expected to have reading material with them at all times.  Time will be set aside at the start of class (a few times a week) for students to read their pleasure books.
    • Students are encouraged to read at home, especially as a bedtime ritual.   Parents, your children are not too old to be read to.
    • Teacher will post a Book of the Month.  Students are encouraged to find others reading this book...then form a Book Club to discuss the book.  Have someone take charge of reading deadlines, discussion days, etc.  
    keep calm
    • To help motivate students to read, they will play BINGO and earn rewards each time they have a BINGO. This is optional.
    • Parents are asked to sign the BINGO sheet after each book the student reads.  After a parent signs the sheet, the teacher will sign it (student must show the book to the teacher). 
Last Modified on August 12, 2016