Fiscal Services

    The Fiscal Services Department serves as the financial hub for the collection, processing, and dissemination of fiscal, budgetary, and statistical information on behalf of the District. The department is responsible to ensure financial legal compliance with federal, state and local rules and regulations for all departments and schools within the District We are committed to the highest ethical standards in serving as a resource to staff, parents, and the public.


    Our mission is to provide services that support the District’s financial health and ensure fiscal solvency while striving to “go the extra mile” in customer service as we work with employees, departments, school sites and parents districtwide.


    Our goals are efficiency, transparency, and dependable accountability.

     About Us

    Though much of the department’s activities occur behind the scenes, they are essential to the seamless delivery of classroom instruction. Our staff oversees all of the accounting and payroll functions for the entire District. We are ready to assist you in the following areas:


               Accounts Payable

               Accounts Receivable



               State and Federal Reports

    Fiscal Services Department Staff


    Director of Fiscal Services

    Byron Jones

    Telephone: (818) 735-3215

    E-mail: bsjones@opusd.org


    Senior Accountant

    Lynn Framer

    Telephone: (818) 735-3244

    E-mail: lframer@opusd.org


    Accounting Assistant III

    Guillermina Perez

    Telephone: (818) 735-3255

    E-mail: gperez@opusd.org


    Accounting Assistant II

    Julie St. Amand

    Telephone: (818) 735-3211

    E-mail: jstamand@opusd.org


    Accounting Assistant I

    Lucia McHarry

    Telephone: (818) 735-3276

    E-mail: lmcharry@opusd.org



    Department Assistant

    Annette Segal

    Telephone: (818) 735-3254

    E-mail: asegal@opusd.org