•  2024-25 Health Benefits Information 


    The dates for our open enrollment period for medical, dental, and vision benefits, as well as Section 125 FSA plan and other voluntary benefits, will be July 15, 2024 through August 16, 2024.  Again this year, we will be offering the ability to enroll online directly with CVT.  This feature will also allow you to access your CVT account information 24/7 regarding the coverage you have selected for you and your dependents. You may learn more and set up your account now by visiting https://mycvt.cvtrust.org/.


    All full-time employees are eligible for health benefits and must enroll in a medical, dental and vision plan.  Eligible part-time employees (50% Full Time Equivalent (FTE) or greater) may elect to enroll solely in medical, dental or vision, or in any combination of plans, or may decline coverage altogether. Dependents of eligible OPUSD employees may also be covered by the District’s health benefit plan. As authorized by OPUSD Board policy, eligible dependents include the employee’s wife, husband, or registered domestic partner (as defined by California Family Code Section 297.5), and the employee’s children, either by birth or adoption, or step-children). Important Note: For dependent coverage, CVT requires a copy of marriage/registration certificates and birth/adoption certificates to be submitted with enrollment forms.  If you have previously provided these documents for dependents to CVT, you will not need to submit them again).


    A matrix for each of the medical, dental, and vision plans, highlighting the coverage offered by the respective plans, is below. Please review this summary carefully as there are variances in coverage, deductibles and copays in all plans. Important note: IRS Section 125 allows payroll deductions for health benefit insurance to be taken pre-tax. Since your taxable income will then be less, your paycheck will reflect lower payment of Federal and State taxes.  Payroll deductions, if applicable, will automatically be deducted pre-tax by the District payroll department.


    Health benefit allocations for 2024-2025 remain on a three-tiered sliding cap, and are determined by the number of dependents the employee enrolls in a medical plan. The cap for Employee Only medical is $9,127 annually, the cap for Employee + One Dependent medical is $15,020 annually, and the cap for Family Coverage (employee plus two or more dependents) is $19,127 annually.
    Eligible part-time employees (classified employees who work 20 or more hours a week but less than 40 hours, certificated employees who work less than 185 full-time days, but whose percent of contract is 50% or greater) will receive a pro-rata portion of the annual allowance based on the number of dependents enrolled as explained above.  A payroll deduction for the months of August through May (10 deductions) will be taken for employees who select a plan that exceeds their cap or their pro-rata portion. Although the benefit plan year does not take effect until October 1, the need to begin the deductions with August payroll is governed by IRS codes for Section 125 benefit plans.


    The 2024–25 rates for the seven Anthem Blue Cross PPO plans (Plans 3B, 5B, 7B, 10B, Wellness PPO Plan 1, PPO High Deductible Health Plan 1, and Bronze PPO), the four Kaiser HMO plans (Plans 1, 2, 6 and 8), the Delta Dental Plan, and VSP Vision Plan. Each chart includes premium costs and payroll deductions, if any, depending on the medical and dental plan you choose and the number of dependents you elect to enroll. This information is broken down for full-time and eligible part-time Administration, Certificated & Classified Employees.

     TO ENROLL FOR 2024-25

    Currently, enrolled employees who wish their health benefits coverage to remain the same as last year do not have to do anything - your plan selections and eligible covered dependents will automatically roll over to the new benefit year.  For employees enrolling for the first time or who want to change plans or dependent coverage, you will need to enroll by setting up your personal MyCVT account by visiting https://mycvt.cvtrust.org/.  


    For questions concerning the plans and coverage, coordination of benefits, etc., please contact our CVT Member Services Representative Isabel Parks (isabelp@cvtrust.org), or Account Manager Elizabeth Perez (elizabethp@cvtrust.org). Both can be reached by telephone toll-free at (800) 288-9870.  They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in guiding you through complex coverage issues. You may also contact Linda Castellano (lcastellano@opusd.org),Byron Jones (bsjones@opusd.org), or Adam Rauch (arauch@opusd.org) in the Business Office by email, or by telephone at (818) 735-3220 for more information.